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Indianapolis Colts: Rookies Going Under the Radar

By now, fans know quite a bit about most of the rookies, but what about the smaller names still on the roster? We take a look at these guys in the latest segment of "Brookey's Rookies".


In my last piece talking about rookies to watch for, one of our great Stampede Blue community members suggested that I take a look at some of the rookies that haven't got a lot of attention since being picked up by the team.

In this segment of "Brookey's Rookies", we are going to do just that. This is a mini scouting report for some of the names we haven't talked much about on Stampede Blue. Who knows who will make the final roster and who won't, but it's always good to get to know some about these guys.

Allen Chapman, CB, Kansas State

We've talked plenty about Sheldon Price and Daxton Swanson, but Chapman is another name that should garner attention based off of what he did at Kansas State.

Chapman has good hips and can turn and run back nicely. He has good instincts for the ball and can read quarterbacks as well as receivers. Zone coverage is where he is more comfortable, reading and jumping passes when he can.

What Chapman doesn't possess is elite speed or strength. He struggles against quick receivers on deep routes and isn't always able to make open field tackles.

There's plenty of competition in the secondary right now, so Chapman has a tough road ahead of him.

Emmett Cleary, OT, Boston College

Strangely enough, Cleary was roommates for a time with Anthony Castonzo during his time with the Golden Eagles. The team certainly looked like it needed depth on the offensive line last year, so Cleary could find a spot on this team.

Overall, Cleary can get out of his stance quickly and is a pretty athletic offensive tackle. He is probably a more effective blocker in the run game than the passing game, and can create a rushing lane when needed.

At the pro level, Cleary will need to show he can put on some muscle and be a stronger guy in the trenches. When facing strong pass-rushers, he can get knocked back.

Dan Moore, FB, Montana

This is going to be an interesting situation. The Colts have rarely used fullbacks dating back to the Manning Era, but with Pep Hamilton now as the offensive coordinator, we could see some different things.

What makes this more interesting is that the Colts traded for Stanley Havili from the Philadelphia Eagles earlier in the offseason. Havili was a solid receiver out of the backfield during his time at USC, and that might be the reason they brought him in.

Moore is a similar type of fullback. He has tremendous vision and is a pure downhill runner. He's not going to juke and cut and the line, just finds the hole and he hits it. He can stay in for pass protection or go out for passes.

This guy could certainly be faster, and he certainly isn't going to make people miss in the open field. However, he's a versatile player that can do it all out of the backfield pretty well.

Rodrick Rumble, WR, Idaho State

Other than C.O. Prime, this might be the coolest name on the Colts this year.

It was tough to find much on Rumble considering he went to an FCS school. From what I did find, Rumble has excellent vertical speed and can make guys miss in the open field with ease. A combination of speed and size (listed at 6'2'') makes him an exciting potential receiver.

The numbers for Rumble looked good. He finished his college career with 223 catches for 2,863 yards and 18 touchdowns. He also ran a 4.59 at his Pro Day.

A lot of people are excited about Jeremy Kelley listed at 6'6'', but Rumble is a name a lot of people should get to know.