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Colts Players Have Gained A LOT Of Weight In 2013

Josh Chapman... IS NOW 340 POUNDS!!!

Joe Robbins writer Kevin Bowen posted an update on the website as to how much weight certain players have bulked-up to. 11 players are listed, but here are four that caught our eye.

  • NT Josh Chapman is now at 340 pounds, a gain of 24 pounds.
  • QB Andrew Luck is now at 239 pounds, a gain of 5 pounds.
  • OC/OG Khaled Holmes is now at 319 pounds pounds, a gain of 17 pounds.
  • WR Griff Whalen is now at 197 pounds, a gain of 12 pounds.
  • OG Hugh Thornton is now at 334 pounds, a gain of 14 pounds.

Um, Josh Chapman... IS NOW 340 POUNDS!!!

When Chapman was drafted, he was listed a 306 pounds. I even wondered if he would be big enough to hold his own as a nose guard at the NFL level. At 340 pounds, he is certainly big enough to play nose tackle. Aubrayo Franklin is listed at 320 pounds. Brandon McKinney is 345. Montori Hughes is 335.

Lots a lot o' beef on the defensive line!

And speaking of beef, rookie offensive linemen Khaled Holmes and Hugh Thornton have gained 17 and 14 pounds, respectively.

I also find it interesting that Griff Whalen is up to 197 pounds. With LaVon Brazill's four-game suspension to start the season, Whalen will have a chance to earn a roster spot on the 53-man roster in September.