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Luke Links: The 'Stuff Happening This Offseason' Edition

Your guide to essential reading that is (mostly) Colts-related.

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Before we get to the links, I'd like to give you an update on some site news.

First off, we're sad to report that Mr. Nick Ragsdale is leaving us. He got a great job working for USA Football, which means his days as The Predictificationist are coming to a close. Nick did a great job for us in 2012, correctly predicting the Super Bowl winner all the way back in late August. His Twitter handle is a must follow, and I'll speak only for myself when I say that if I am ever in need of solid game-picking advice, Nick is the first person I call. Best of luck, buddy.

Second, to help us out this offseason, we managed to kidnap former Stampede Blue writers Andrew Mishler, chain him to a desk in my mother's basement, and force him to write stories for us this summer. Don't worry. He'll be fine living off a daily diet of hot pockets and Five Hour Energy drinks. We placed a bucket next to his desk in case he needs to use the facilities.

Finally, we're setting up a podcast that will run weekly through Blog Talk Radio. I've wanted to do this for awhile, and SB Nation has finally set-up a deal with BTR that will allow it to happen. Hopefully, we'll have info soon on the show name and schedule. Details are still getting worked out with BTR.

And with all that said, here are you afternoon links:

Adam Vinatieri's NFL career can 'buy cigarettes and lottery tickets' - Indianapolis Star
Vinatieri is now the oldest player in the NFL, but still one of the best (and most clutch) field goal kickers currently playing.

#Chuckstrong making way for #Coltstrong in Indy -
Good article on Pagano's life post-cancer remission.

Bob Kravitz: Whatever happens in Game 7, Indianapolis is a Pacers town again - Indianapolis Star
In honor of the Indiana Pacers playing in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals tonight against the Heat, Bob Kravitz declares that Indiana is a basketball state again.