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Luke Links: The 'Collie Should Retire' Edition

Your guide to reading that is (mostly) Colts-related.

Andy Lyons

Austin Collie Wants To Play Again, But He's Missing The Point - Deadspin
Austin Collie is comparing his rehab from multiple concussions to Peyton Manning's from spinal fusion surgery. Collie just doesn't get it.

A Look At Colts New Offense, NFP Sunday Blitz - National Football Post
A very interesting look into Pep Hamilton and the offense he plans to use in 2013.

NFL's best deals: QBs Kaepernick, Wilson are steals -- right now -
Jason La Confora ranks the best deals for teams, and right now Vontae Davis' $1.9M cash ($1.9M cap) deal with Indy is one of the best.