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AFC South Rookie Report: Latest News as OTAs Wind Down

Organized team activities are beginning to finish up, and we take a look at the latest news surrounding rookies around the division here at Stampede Blue.

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Here on Stampede Blue we've talked plenty about rookies for the Indianapolis Colts, but sometimes it's good to hear about what's going on around the division as well.

Well, here's our first look at some rookies on the division rivals, with a bit of a scouting report of these guys from college. Let's go ahead and get started in a rather different segment of "Brookey's Rookies".

Houston Texans

DeAndre Hopkins: The first-round pick has apparently been impressing the team since the very first practice. The wide receiver is expected to be starting opposite of Andre Johnson in the lineup, giving Matt Schaub another weapon to throw to.

With good size and impressive speed, Hopkins can do a great job on the outside. He is able to make difficult catches in traffic and has the physical tools to run most routes well. He could certainly get a little bigger, but overall he's an impressive receiver and one of the favorites to win the offensive rookie of the year award.

Sam Montgomery: This exciting pass-rusher at LSU has earned a lot of hype down in Houston. Since being drafted, he has continually sought help and found a new teacher on the team in Antonio Smith. It appears Montgomery is focused on doing whatever he can to get better.

This guy can flash some real speed coming off of the edge and rarely gives up on plays. He is also very solid against the run, working the offensive linemen and wrapping up the ball carrier when in his zone.

The reason this guy didn't go earlier is that some teams weren't in love with him during individual interviews, claiming he didn't seem 100 percent committed. With how hard it appears he is working now, the Texans might have gotten a steal in the third round.

Tennessee Titans

Chance Warmack: It appears that Warmack is already bonding with players on the team, quickly becoming friends with fellow rookie offensive lineman Brian Schwenke.

Warmack is a very strong player at the offensive guard position, and he uses that along with his quickness to manhandle defenders. His strong punch and ability to keep his hands on the guy helps him push defenders back without much problem.

At times, Warmack tends to stand straight up, which really hurts him with leverage. He can get pushed back from time to time because of this, but overall he certainly deserved to be a high first-rounder.

Blidi Wreh-Wilson: Despite only starting to play football in his senior season of high school, Wilson has been used to playing at a high level. Despite still being a rather raw prospect, the coaching staff has been impressed by how quickly he is learning.

This is a player I originally scouted that I thought the Colts could have potentially looked at in the NFL draft back in April. He has ideal length an size for a cornerback on the outside and the quickness to keep up with fast receivers. He can use his lengthy arms to break up passes.

This is a still a guy that needs to develop some more, and he would be used best in zone coverage. However, it appears he is quickly learning and looking to make an impact on this team early on in his career.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Denard Robinson/Ace Sanders: These two guys were electric players in college, and the Jaguars recognized that. Apparently, the offensive scheme for the Jaguars will have some "wrinkles" for these guys so that they can get on the field and make some plays.

Sanders is listed at 5'7'', but he's a speedy receiver in the slot. He isn't the most fundamentally sound receiver, but he's quick enough to also make plays in the return game.

For Robinson, it's hard to scout him as a running back or wide receiver, considering how long he played quarterback at Michigan. He's definitely going to be a project, but he is athletic enough that he could possibly make the transition and make some plays from time to time.

Jonathan Cyprien: The second-round pick for the Jaguars was another one that could be considered a steal. During OTAs, this guy has apparently been the real deal and showing some real confidence while on the field.

Another guy I looked at as a potential player for the Colts, Cyprien shows some real fearlessness while on the field. He's a wrecking ball on defense despite being only 6'0'' and 217 pounds, making big hit after big hit. His biggest strength is that he has a really high football IQ and rarely messes up on assignments or adjustments in-game.

He needs to show that he can wrap up consistently, but this is an exciting safety to watch play in the box. The secondary for the Jaguars is going to be really young in 2013, and Cyprien could become the leader of this defense with time.