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Luke Links: The 'Read Option Is A Fad' Edition

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Your guide to essential writing that is (mostly) related to the Indianapolis Colts and the NFL.

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Al Bello

Read option won't catch NFL teams by surprise this season -
A great article from the always amazing Clark Judge, which features some interesting quotes from Colts head coach Chuck Pagano. In a nutshell, defensive coaches like Pagano, Marvin Lewis, and Mike Tomlin view the read-option as a fad on par with what the "Wildcat" did to the NFL four years ago.

Neil's NFL Daily: July 9, 2013 -
Neil Hornsby rates the probable starting line-ups for the Colts and Texans. Personally, I'd have used a two-tight end starting line-up on offense instead of three wide receivers. However, overall, Neil is sharp on the player evaluatons.

Unit by unit: Ranking the linebackers - AFC South Blog - ESPN
Paul Kuharsky notes some recent positional grades by ESPN's resident scout, Matt Williams. For reasons that mystify, Williams ranks the Texans linebackers ahead of the Colts.