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Andrew Luck Will Likely Be Best of Sophomore QBs in 2013

The Indianapolis Colts appear to be doing whatever it takes to help out Luck. Will this help him become the most successful sophomore QB this season?


Sure, some of the numbers weren't exactly pretty for Andrew Luck in his rookie season, but he still became a Pro Bowl quarterback in his first season while winning more games than any other No. 1 overall pick at quarterback in his first season.

The 2012 draft class had a number of impressive rookie quarterbacks last season, but it feels like Luck will be at the top of this group in 2013, thanks to the Indianapolis Colts bringing in a number of new faces.

This isn't a far-fetched concept at the moment. Robert Griffin III is coming off of ACL injury, and even though he is recovering at a remarkable pace, it's hard to believe he can play at such a high level, particularly on the run, in 2013 like Adrian Peterson did in 2012.

Russell Wilson had an incredibly successful rookie campaign as well, and now he has Percy Harvin as a new weapon. Still, Marshawn Lynch and a stifling defense will carry the majority of the burden for the Seahawks, meaning that Wilson won't have to put up big numbers or play outstanding each week for the team to have success.

The Miami Dolphins brought in Mike Wallace to finally give Ryan Tannehill a real weapon on offense, but the departures of Reggie Bush and Jake Long will hurt the developing quarterback. Even without those two guys leaving, it would still be hard to picture Tannehill leading this pack of QBs

And then there's Brandon Weeden...which won't happen for a number of reasons.

Meanwhile, everything is looking up for Luck. After getting knocked down play after play in 2012, the Colts have clearly appeared to attempt to completely revamp the offensive line. They've brought in Donald Thomas and Gosder Cherilus through free agency while also adding Khaled Holmes and Hugh Thornton in the NFL draft.

The offensive line that gave up 41 sacks last season could (and should) look almost completely different, and that's obviously a pretty good thing.

The Colts also recently brought in Ahmad Bradshaw, a balanced running back that excels in pass protection when healthy, allowing only three sacks since 2008.

Even the addition of Pep Hamilton will help Luck. The familiarity between the two along with this new "No Coast Offense" should help Luck get the ball out quickly without getting hit as often as last year. Matt Hasselbeck has also come in to help mentor Luck and assist him as he gets a handle on the West Coast principles of the offense.

Overall, it's really hard to not like Luck in 2013. The Colts are seriously doing whatever it takes to give him the tools to succeed, and with how well he played in 2012, it's almost scary to think of what he can do this season with all of the help surrounding him.