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2013 Stampede Blue Training Camp Coverage

With training camp almost upon us, we let you know what to expect from Stampede Blue's coverage of Colts camp (hint: it's pretty great).

Joe Robbins

Smell that? That's the sweet, sweet scent of NFL FOOTBALL in the air!

On July 27, 2013, the Indianapolis Colts players, coach, equipment staff, doctors, and everyone else will report to Anderson University for the start of training camp 2013.

One day later, July 28, 2013, Stampede Blue writers will report to Anderson for the "official" start of our training camp coverage here. And from July 28th to the last practice on August 16th, our writers will be there. Every practice. Every day.

What can I say. I'm a slave driver.

The team’s first practice of camp is at 1:50 p.m. on Sunday, July 28, and camp runs through a morning practice (10:30 a.m.) on Friday, August 16. In between those two sessions, the Colts will conduct 15 practices open to the public, and Stampede Blue will be represented at each one of them.

We’re excited to announce some cool stuff that we are going to be doing during camp.

First off, one of the features of our camp coverage will be daily practice recaps and notes.For the first week of camp (Sunday, July 28 through Sunday, August 4), Andrew Mishler will be heading up our camp coverage and doing the daily recaps. Following that, Josh Wilson will be taking over and doing the recaps through the end of camp.

Just so that you know, here are the dates that the writers of Stampede Blue will be getting outside of my mother’s basement and heading over to Anderson:

Andrew Mishler: Every practice from July 28 through August 4

Josh Wilson: Every practice from August 5 through August 16

Stew Blake and Tyler Brooke have both also confirmed that they will be at training camp, but those dates are undetermined as of this point.

And maybe, MAYBE there will be a Matt Grecco sighting!

As for me, mom doesn't let me out of the basement. Sorry.

For the schedule of practices open to the public and the times, check out the complete Colts' training camp schedule here.

Another great way to stay updated on all things Colts camp is to follow along on our twitter accounts. Andrew and Josh will definitely be tweeting observations during practice. If you just can’t wait for the detailed recaps each night on the blog, you can follow us on twitter and get quick bytes of analysis and observations.

Follow Josh Wilson at @coltsfanwilson.

Follow Andrew Mishler @andrewmishler.

Follow Stew Blake @stewblake22

Follow Tyler Brooke @T_Brookey

Follow Matt Grecco @mgrex03

Follow Captain Dickus Baggus (aka me) @StampedeBlue.

Along with our daily practice notes, we’re going to continue to bring you the Colts news and analysis that you’ve become accustomed to, only better (and with more snark). Andrew, Josh, myself, and the other writers here will be taking observations and updates out of camp and turning them into more in-depth articles featuring pretty much anything we find worthy of an article that you would actually want to read.

All of our training camp coverage - ALL OF IT - will get wrapped up and presented to you like Christmas in July at our new 2013 Colts Training Camp Hub. Go there for all camp-related news, analysis, observations, and other crap we'll toss up there.

We already have a list of some topics that we will be looking to cover at camp, and we welcome suggestions from you all as to what you would like to know more about during Colts training camp. You can hit us up on twitter and suggest it there, or drop it in the comments here. We’ll try to get around to it if we can write an article on it.

I'll also continue to do the mailbag as well, so be sure to ask questions in the mailbag as well.

Additionally, we will do a podcast or two from Anderson as well as one each week to cover the Colts more thoroughly. We also encourage fans who attend camp to stop by and say hello.

There will also be weekly video recaps hosted by me. These video recaps are quick bytes that, in many ways, recap what we've been discussing throughout the week. The videos will be posted here, and at our YouTube channel.

Training camp is very close, and we’re ready to bring you the best coverage of it that there is!