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Colts Place RB Ahmad Bradshaw on PUP; S John Boyett on Non-Football Injury List

The Indianapolis Colts today placed running back Ahmad Bradshaw on the PUP list and rookie safety John Boyett on the non-football injury list.

Nick Laham

The Indianapolis Colts today placed running back Ahmad Bradshaw on the physically unable to play list and placed John Boyett on the non-football injury list. Neither move is surprising, but both moves are noteworthy.

Bradshaw was signed by the Colts this summer and fans immediately got excited about what he can bring to the field, even though he has injury issues and had another surgery earlier this year on his foot. His injury was one of the main reasons why I maintained all offseason long that Vick Ballard would indeed be the starter, and as of right now, there's not really anyone to challenge Ballard when the Colts open camp on Sunday.

Basically, the PUP list is a list that a player is placed on if he is not ready to practice at the start of training camp. They can participate in team meetings and use the training facilities but cannot practice with the team on the field. They can be activated at any time, and if they still aren't ready by the end of camp can be placed on the PUP for the regular season, which means that they are out for the first 6 games. For Bradshaw, that is unlikely and he should be ready to go sometime during camp. When exactly, however, is unknown.

The Colts initially thought that Bradshaw was going to be ready at the start of camp, but as the summer went on that feeling became less and less certain. This move really isn't all that surprising. What it is, however, is a setback for a Colts team full of new players that need the training camp and preseason to get time working together. At least when they start camp, Bradshaw won't be practicing with them.

The other move the team made was to place safety John Boyett on the non-football injury list. This list is pretty much the same as the PUP list. Basically, the team is placing Boyett on the list to make sure that he recovers from his knee surgeries that ended his senior season at Oregon after only one game. The Colts drafted Boyett in the sixth round of the draft, and they weren't counting on him being able to contribute in a large role at the beginning of the season. Dolphins first round pick Dion Jordan was recently placed on this list and then taken off of it not long after. It's not known how long Boyett will remain on it, but it will be longer than Jordan was, I'm sure.