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Luke Links: The 'Colts Are So Gay' Edition

Your guide to essential reading that is (mostly) Colts-related.

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Andy Lyons

How gay is your favorite NFL franchise? - Outsports is a site dedicated to open athletes, and they have a very funny article ranking all 32 NFL teams by how "gay" they are. The Colts come in at No. 4! The least gay team? The Jaguars. Ha! Of course they are.

On Robert Mathis without Dwight Freeney - AFC South Blog, ESPN
Paul Kuharsky discusses whether Robert Mathis benefited more from Dwight Freeney lining up on the d-line than Freeney did with Mathis on the opposite side.

Everything you need to know to attending Colts camp in Anderson -
Phil B. Wilson returns with a video on Colts camp in Anderson, IN.

Chapman, Franklin or McKinney? Who is or isn’t making it out of camp? -
True Blue Fans discusses the nose tackle spot.

Burning Questions along the Defensive Line prior to Training Camp -
Kevin Bowen asks five questions about the Colts defensive line. They are burning. Yes, we have "burning" and "gay" in a Luke Links post. This is a first. It's time to celebrate: