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Colts Agree to Terms With First Round Pick Bjoern Werner

The Colts have agreed to terms with first round pick Bjoern Werner. Surprise, surprise.

Al Bello

The Indianapolis Colts have agreed to terms with their first round draft pick, defensive end turned outside linebacker Bjoern Werner. The team now has all seven of their draft picks signed.

The terms of the deal have yet to be disclosed, but with the rookie wage scale there’s not much discussion as to the amount of money. Mike Chappell says that, according to the rookie wage scale, he is in line for a 4-year deal for about $7.9 million and a $4.122 million signing bonus.

Pro Football Talk reported earlier this morning that Werner was trying “to get a portion of his non-guaranteed fourth-year salary in the form of an early roster bonus from the Colts, like the one last year’s No. 24 pick, David DeCastro, obtained from the Steelers.” It’s unknown if he got that or not, but the bottom line is that he is under contract now.

Of course, it never really was in doubt, but still nice to know for sure that Werner will be in camp when it starts on Sunday.

For more on whether or not Werner will start, check out Tyler Brooke’s analysis on the battle between Werner and Erik Walden here.

UPDATE [11:16 AM]: Details of Werner's deal, from's Ian Rapoport: