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Colts WR LaVon Brazill: 'It's Either Money Or Marijuana'

Brazill told the media today that he's put marijuana behind him, which basically confirms an earlier report that the second-year wide receiver was indeed suspended four games to start he season because of a positive pot test.


After Monday morning's walkthrough on the second day of the Colts' 2013 training camp in Anderson, IN, second-year wide receiver LaVon Brazill met with the media and discussed his four-game suspension to start the regular season. The suspension was the result of Brazill violating the NFL's substance abuse policy for the second time.

During the media session, Brazill confirmed an earlier report from the Indianapolis Star's Bob Kravitz that, yes, he had indeed tested positive for marijuana and it was that test which got him suspended.

Brazill apologized for his behavior.

Stampede Blue's Andrew Mishler was there to tweet the session:

It's annoying that it takes a four-game suspension for Brazill to (according to him) put an illegal drug behind him, but here's to hoping that the numbskull actually gets his head screwed on straight and doesn't screw himself and his team again.

Also, if Brazill gets in trouble again, perhaps we shall see a more contrite and apologetic LaVon rather than the d*ckhead who appeared aloof about his actions and their consequences on Twitter.

I obviously want this kid to succeed, but I have no sympathy for him, and neither should you. He's one more strike from a season-long suspension, which would effectively end his NFL career.

Oh, and if you care, Brazill wasn't particularly sharp in the Colts' first open practice yesterday afternoon, dropping some catchable balls. Meanwhile, fellow second-year wide out and former Stanford standout Griff Whalen continues to impress.