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Colts Camp: Day Three Quick Update Includes Injury To OC Khaled Holmes

Andrew Luck looked great throwing, but the big news is the injury to rookie center Khaled Holmes.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

For two days, the Colts avoided the rash of injuries that seem to be the norm around other NFL training camps. Today, the injury bug may have bitten its first really big chomp into the Colts roster. Here's Stampede Blue contributor Tyler Brookey, who is at training camp covering for Bleacher Report:

Not good.

The injury occurred during the team's afternoon practice in pads. Holmes was hobbled by a very nasty ankle injury last year at USC. We'll post an update on his injury when we get one from camp.

For now, remember that stupid A.Q. Shipley trade? If Holmes has a serious injury that will force him to miss significant time, how's that trade looking now? Answer: Even more stupid.


Here's to hoping Holmes is OK.

Not all updates from camp were doom and gloom though. Here's Stampede Blue's Andrew Mishler, reporting from camp via Twitter:

Oh, and the Colts used wide receiver Griff Whalen as a holder on field goals. Looks like the staff are trying to do anything to keep him as a reserve receiver, especially after his impressive start to camp. Reserve receivers MUST contribute on special teams.

Look for Andrew's more-detailed afternoon practice recap later today.