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Crap We're Doing: Some Things We Have Going On At Stampede Blue

Here's a quick update/review of some things we have going on right now at Stampede Blue.


We're 20 days away from the official start to the Colts' 2013 training camp. Between now and then, I thought it appropriate to highlight some article series we've done in an effort to prep you readers for the 2013 season.

  • First up, Josh Wilson has spent the last few months looking at every position on the roster, evaluating and breaking down strengths and weaknesses. It's all part of our Positional Previews series. Well worth your time to read (or, re-read).
  • Next, we have our 2013 Training Camp page. This is a special page we created to track all camp information. Please reference it whenever you need any info about camp.
  • Finally, Andrew Mishler is doing a series called "Getting to know a Colts undrafted free agent," which (we hope) will introduce you to some young players who may or may not make an impact during camp and preseason. Hey, you never know. Jerrell Freeman entered camp last year as an undrafted player, and he certainly made an impact in 2012.

We're also starting a new mailbag piece, incorporating questions from email and Twitter. If you want to have a question answered from the mailbag, sendeth thy missives to Lord Bradley at sbnationcolts- (I'm not typing out the full email because I get enough spam at that account as it is). You can also hit me up at @stampedeblue.

I will also be posting videos soon that will breakdown the strengths and weaknesses of the Colts' opponents in 2013, focusing mostly on the AFC South, the Denver Broncos, and a few other key teams Indy will face this season.

Lastly, PODCAST! FINALLY!!! OH SWEET GOD FINALLY! We hooked up again with the fine folks at Blog Talk Radio, and I am scheduling a weekly podcast for Tuesdays at 7:00 PM ET. I'm lining up guests and will make a post about this week's show later today.

So, yeah. Lots of exciting stuff as we head into training camp. We hope you enjoy.

P.S.- Fire Ryan Grigson. Cut Andrew Luck. Spank Jim Irsay. Kick Dan Dakich in the nuts. Give Mike Florio a fat kiss on the lips. And, maybe, Go Colts!