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Stampede Blue & Yahoo! Fantasy Football Update: Leagues Full, Some Already Drafted

Stampede Blue has 12 blog-sponsored Fantasy Football leagues this season, and Yahoo! gives us a great platform to run the leagues smoothly and easily.

I'm thinking about taking T.Y. in Round 5. Good idea?
I'm thinking about taking T.Y. in Round 5. Good idea?
Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

We here at Stampede Blue are well ahead of the curve when it comes to Fantasy Football. We asked for interested people two weeks ago, got a huge response, and we have a total of 12 leagues we'll be keeping track of this year, all done through Yahoo! Fantasy Football, our choice for FFL here at SB Nation.

Unfortunately for anyone who didn't see the original post, all 12 leagues are completely full up, and three of them have already drafted, thanks to my work schedule being pretty busy leading up to opening night. Want some information on where players were drafted?

  • Adrian Peterson went #1 overall in all 3 leagues. Doug Martin went 2nd in two of the leagues (one was to me), while Arian Foster went #2 overall in the other league. Martin fell to 5th.
  • Andrew Luck went 19th overall, 7th overall, and 55th overall. I'll be interested to see where he goes in all of our leagues.
  • Other Colts that have been drafted in all 3 drafts: Reggie Wayne (avg 38th overall), Ahmad Bradshaw (avg 59th overall), T.Y. Hilton (avg 74th overall), Coby Fleener, Vick Ballard, Dwayne Allen, Darrius Heyward-Bey, and Adam Vinatieri. Donald Brown was taken in one draft, and the Defense is available in all three leagues.
  • The third draft went deep into the RB field, drafting 59 in total (53 in the other two). Several times I yelled because a guy went at least a round earlier than I thought he would.

We'll be continuing are drafting Thursday night, then pick it back up for our late-night and West-coasters next week. Thank you again to everyone who signed up and got back to me promptly with their choices and accepting draft invites. Usually it's like pulling teeth to fill the last spots, but actually had to turn some people away (sorry!) this year. I appreciate all of you not having to hound you to accept.

For those of you that want to play in another league, we'd obviously recommend using Yahoo to run it. You can now draft on your phone or tablet as well (worked excellent last night on my Droid phone, something ESPN cannot do to my knowledge). Feel free to make your own league with other readers (you can chat in the comments here).

Good Luck drafting everyone!