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Colts Owner Jim Irsay Wants 'A Good Performance' From Team In Third Preseason Game

The third preseason game is often the one where teams play their starters the most. For Colts owner Jim Irsay, the third game is a chance to show-off his free agent-infused team to the masses.

Joe Robbins

To the crowd who likes to say preseason "means nothing," please shut up.

Obviously, the games in August mean nothing in terms of wins and loses, but when it comes to coaches developing depth on their roster and team public relations staff members looking to drum-up interest in time for the regular season, preseason very much matters. It means something.

Colts owner Jim Irsay know this, which is why he got all pissy on Twitter two weeks ago when his team looked disinterested, unprepared, and poorly coached in their preseason opener against the Buffalo Bills. After that game, he told his Twitter followers he gave his commanders and ear full.

Reporters like ESPN's Paul Kuharsky called this weak. Indianapolis Star columnist Bob Kravitz compared Jim's tweets on preseason on par with the drunken bumbling of Jim's late-father, Bob Irsay.

Me? I loved it! And so did you.

Today, prior to the Colts hosting the Browns in their preseason "dress rehearsal" game, Irsay used Twitter to inform both the public and his team employees what he expects:

Again, like his previous tweets on preseason, there's nothing terribly crazy about expecting the team to not look like garbage.

Yes, even in preseason.

Following the third game, you can absolutely expect Irsay express himself on Twitter should the Colts come out flat against Cleveland. There are lofty expectations placed on this club for 2013, particularity with the defense and running game. Both have yet to show up in preseason despite the general manager tossing truckloads of Irsay's money into free agency to fix them.

Speaking of free agents, Irsay mentions Ahmad Bradshaw in his tweet. That doesn't mean Bradshaw will play tonight. Bradshaw, Dwayne Allen, and Coby Fleener are ruled out.