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Podcast: Stampede Blue Discusses Colts Roster Cuts, Preseason Win Over Browns

The Big Blue Shoe Show is Stampede Blue's official podcast covering the NFL and the Indianapolis Colts. Come for the insight. Stay for the snark.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

This week, we opted to record our podcast on the day AFTER the Colts preseason game because roster cuts typically happen immediately after (and in the case of the Colts, they did).

This week's podcast featured me (a.k.a., Captain Grumpy McDouchepants), the stellar Andrew Mishler, and the immortal Josh Wilson!

Topics of discussion:

  • The roster cuts (Josh cried on-air at the Colts cutting Allen Chapman... really, he did)
  • The performance of the offensive line in Indy's 27-6 win over Cleveland
  • Where is Robert Mathis?
  • The massive hard-on we three have for the play of the secondary
  • The blue balls we three have for Pep Hamilton's "power running game"

All that and more! Hope you enjoy.