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2013 NFL Preseason: Don't Look For Colts RB Ahmad Bradshaw Against The Bengals

Bradshaw will not play against the Bengals in the Colts fourth and final preseason game of 2013. Bradshaw has missed all of preseason recovering from offseason foot surgery.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Colts face the Bengals play tonight in the fourth and final preseason game for both teams in 2013. Of all the preseason games that teams play, the fourth is quite possibly the most useless... unless, of course, you're the Bengals, who often play starters for more than one series for no other reason than the fact that they're the Bengals.

Dear Josh Kirkendall, I still love you man!

For the Colts, look for starters like Andrew Luck and T.Y. Hilton to play maybe one series. Maybe. The fourth game is a night for Lee Ziemba, Lanear Sampson, Sheldon Price, and about 22 other guys who are likely to get cut when the Colts must trim their roster to 53 active players.

One Colts starter who won't see any action tonight is running back Ahmad Bradshaw. He will not play against the Bengals, which means the seven year veteran - who missed all of the team's offseason activities as well as training camp while recovering from a foot injury - will see his first action of 2013 when he suits up for Week One against the Raiders.

Bradshaw has missed the entire preseason. This after he claimed back in June that he would be healthy enough for training camp.

Obviously, Bradshaw is a proven veteran who probably doesn't need training camp or preseason to get ready for the regular season. However, if I'm the Raiders, one of the things I'm practicing all week long leading up to the Colts is punching the ball out. It's one thing for Bradshaw to carry the rock in walkthroughs and practices where no one can really hit you. It's another when the games actually count.

Just ask Coby Fleener.