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2013 Fantasy Football: So, Who From The Colts Should You Draft?

It's late August. The preseason is ending. From now until next Thursday, more NFL players will get drafted in fantasy football leagues than doughboys were drafted in World War II!

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Like me, you probably have a fantasy football draft to participate in tonight.

Unlike me, I don't suggest drinking while you draft.

When those mid-to-late round picks start coming up after you've done about 6 or 7 shots of Jame-o, you're as likely to draft Curtis Painter as your starting quarterback as you are to take a falling Brandon Weeden.

If you're looking for Colts players to pluck off the board, here are a few you should consider:

WR Darrius Heyward-Bey

DHB is now firmly entrenched as the Colts starting wide receiver, and while idiots out there might say that's "no big deal," for fantasy owners it is F*CKING HUGE!

Starters typically see 15%-20% more snaps than reserve players. This is why people with T.Y. Hilton in keeper leagues are so pissed. Hilton is clearly better than DHB, but because DHB is starting, it devalues Hilton due to him seeing fewer snaps.

Still, despite this, DHB has looked impressive in preseason after a dreadful training camp. He's good for a 5th or 6th round grab in a 12-person league.

TE Dwayne Allen

The red flag now is he's hurt, but don't freak out. This is a tough kid, and right now he's unquestionably the best tight end of the Colts roster. Allen could become a huge redzone target for quarterback Andrew Luck. Last season, he was the Heath Miller in Bruce Arians' pass happy offense. In this new, "No Coast" variation on the West Coast offense, he's the 1980s Brent Jones, or the 1990s Shannon Sharpe, or the NFL version of Stanford's Levine Toilolo.

WR T.Y. Hilton

Even though I spent a portion of the DHB section talking about how Hilton was devalued, that doesn't mean you should pass on him. Hilton is the most dynamic offensive weapon at Luck's disposal. While your chump friend is taking Coby Fleener in Round 3 because he thinks the two Stanford grads will "have great chemistry together," I'm here to tell you that you should get T.Y. Hilton there. The Colts will utilize Hilton in three-wide packages, mostly with him playing on the outside. His route-running and pass-catching have improved since last season, when he was a drop machine.

Hilton seems poised to take a big leap in 2013.

Oh, and if you can, you might want to think about drafting that Andrew Luck kid. I have a really good feeling that he'll make the team in 2013. He might even start too!