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Indianapolis to Place Bid for 2018 Super Bowl on Friday, Per Reports

The city of Indianapolis will officially place a bid for the 2018 Super Bowl during a press conference on Friday morning, per reports.

Rob Carr

The 2012 Super Bowl hosted by Indianapolis was by all measures a success.  Now, it appears the city is trying to get another one.

On Friday morning, a press conference has been scheduled with Indiana Governor Mike Pence, Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard, and Colts' owner Jim Irsay to announce that the city is bidding for the 2018 Super Bowl.  Others expected to join them include former Colts center and current Colts media relations guy and ESPN analyst Jeff Saturday, 2012 Super Bowl Host Committee Chairman Mark Miles, and Indiana Sports Corp. President Allison Melangton.

Bids for Super Bowl LII are due this weekend. Cities reportedly in competition for the 2018 Super Bowl include Minnesota, Atlanta, New Orleans, Denver, and Miami.  San Francisco was awarded Super Bowl L and Houston was awarded Super Bowl LI this past spring.

There's still a long way to go before the city of Indianapolis is officially awarded a Super Bowl, as there are still several good options that the game could go to competing against Indy.  But after the success of the last one, everybody was impressed with Indianapolis and agreed that it was only a matter of time before the biggest game of them all returned to Indianapolis.  And Friday morning, they will officially enter the race for the 2018 Super Bowl.

By that time, Andrew Luck will be in his 7th year and should be in his prime.  Maybe they'll be hosting a Super Bowl they're playing in?  Of course, this is way to early to speculate on things like that, as they haven't even officially placed their bid, much less won the bid.

Tomorrow morning, though, they'll take the first step towards it.  Indianapolis is entering the race for the 2018 Super Bowl, and we know one thing for certain: they will make for tough competition for the other cities trying to get the game.