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Kidney Dissease Forces WR Donald Jones To Retire

A article sheds some light on Jones' retirement, including his near-disastrous workout for the Colts.

Brace Hemmelgarn-US PRESSWIRE

You might recall that, over two weeks ago, the Indianapolis Colts brought in former Bills and Patriots wide receiver Donald Jones for a workout. The sense was that if he passed the workout test, the Colts would sign him just prior to the start of their training camp.

Time passed. The Colts started camp on July 27th, and no word of the Colts and Jones reaching an agreement.

On Wednesday, we got the news as to why things didn't work out. Turns out, Donald Jones retired on Wednesday, and he used Twitter to announce it to everyone.

After these two tweets went out, Mike Garafolo of posted a story providing details as to why Jones' kidney disease forced him into early retirement.

When Jones was in Indianapolis for his workout with the Colts, his treadmill stress test had to be stopped by the trainers because Jones' blood pressure had reached 250 over 110.

Basically, Jones almost had a coronary trying out for the Colts!!!

The elevated blood pressure was "definitely a new thing," according to Jones. He'd never had that type of reaction to physical stress testing at the NFL. Thus, he walked away from the game.

Obviously, this explains why the Colts didn't sign Jones. It also makes more than enough sense for Jones to hang up his cleats and focus on getting healthy and living life.

"It made my decision easier, that it's a health issue. So I have to be smart," he said. "I have a son. I have to be here for my family."

Good for him. Sorry to see his career end at only 25, but I'm glad Donald Jones was able to make the right decision to step away from football.