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QB Chandler Harnish's Pass That Hit Pam Oliver Gave Her A Concussion

FOX Sports' Pam Oliver sustained a concussion because of an accidental pass hitting her in the head. In the days after, she was forced to live in a dark room because sunlight was simply too painful.


Former Colts seventh round pick in 2012, Chandler Harnish, was released Saturday as the Colts trimmed their roster from 75 to 53 players. However, Harnish's release was not the most interesting story involving him to hit the news wire this weekend.

As I'm sure you all recall, prior to the Colts second preseason game against the Giants a few weeks ago, a pregame warm-up pass sent through the air by Harnish accidentally slammed into the face and head of FOX Sports reporter Pam Oliver.

The incident was innocent in intent, and Harnish apologized both immediately after the accident and later via Twitter to Oliver. He even promised her flowers. FOX Sports made light of the entire event during their preseason broadcast, calling Oliver a "trooper" for continuing her work after getting hit with a football.

However, it turns out that Oliver was indeed seriously injured by the ball. As Rob Raissman of the NY Daily News reports, Oliver sustained a concussion as a result, and was forced to live in a dark room for five days because sunlight was simply too painful.

After waking up that Monday her head hurt so much she had to hold it. "The sensitivity to light started and some nausea too," she said, "my whole body was sore." Oliver went to the doctor. The CT Scan came up clean, but she was diagnosed with a concussion. Oliver spent the next five days in a dark room inside her home.

"I slept for hours on end. The minute you wake up you’re reminded. Your head is pounding," she said. "I really could not take light — the light from the TV, the accent lighting. The sun was completely my enemy. My blinds were drawn. It was miserable."

When Oliver wasn’t sleeping she wondered how long she would be living in the dark. "I worried about my memory, but after five days things began clearing up," she said. "I felt clear-headed and stronger, but the headaches still come and go."

Things seem to have settled down for Oliver in terms of dealing with light sensitivity, but she told the Daily News she still gets headaches.

Obviously, this wasn't Chandler Harnish's fault in the sense that he did anything malicious. Despite this, I'm sure the guy feels terrible that one of his throws gave someone a concussion, especially a reporter like Pam Oliver. However, what this does highlight - and Oliver is all to aware of it - is the severity of concussions.

Some people would state Oliver's injury, or any other concussion, as getting her "bell rung." Such people are ignorant, and need to please shut up. Concussions are brain injuries, and they can be deadly.

Here's to Pam getting better and returning to a healthy, headache-free life.