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The 'Trent Richardson Was A 'Diva' Talk That Is Inevitable

Information is going to come out that Richardson was a "diva" who "didn't fit in" with the team in Cleveland. That's how these things work.


From Aaron Wilson, Baltimore Sun:

I'm not going to question Aaron's reporting, because it's usually spot on. I will, however, question his source here.

Why? Here's why:

Sorry, but I'm not buying the "he was a diva" thing. If he didn't get along with Chudzinski, or if he thought Norv Turner's offense was conceived by the mind of a three-year-old, that's one thing.

Diva? Really?

He's the No. 3 overall pick from 2012. He was the face of Cleveland's franchise. He broke Jim Brown's rookie franchise rushing record. He scored 11 TDs in 2012.

He had just 33 attempts in two games for the Browns in 2013. A Browns team that is 0-2, I might add.

As is often the case with blockbuster deals, the team shipping the star player away sometimes starts putting the message out there that said player "didn't fit" with their culture. This is often to mitigate the negative perception that comes with a team trading a former Top 5 pick. Or, in Cleveland's case, the perception that they are tanking the 2013 season, which, clearly, they are.

Damage control. Pure and simple.

Lost in all the spin is the news that Richardson was genuinely shocked he'd been traded:

Also lost is how Richardson reportedly loved the city of Cleveland, especially the fanbase there. Only now, after being traded, do we hear 'DIVA!"

Nope. Don't buy it.

Whether or not Richardson will develop into a top tier back in Indianapolis is a question only Richardson and the Colts can answer. As to the diva crap, since I never heard a peep of this nonsense during his tenure The Mistake By The Lake, I don't think I'll put much stock in it.

Yep, real "diva" there.