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Colts Promote WR Da'Rick Rogers to Active Roster

The Colts signed talented but troubled rookie wide receiver Da'Rick Rogers to their 53-man active roster from their practice squad.

Andy Lyons

The Colts had two roster openings after placing Donald Thomas and Dwayne Allen on injured reserve, and they filled one yesterday by trading for Trent Richardson.  They filled the other one today in another move that is likely to be popular amongst Colts fans.

The Colts promoted rookie wide receiver Da'Rick Rogers from the practice squad to the 53-man roster.  Rogers went undrafted in April's draft but was quickly signed by the Buffalo Bills, who released him prior to the season starting.  The Colts gave him another chance by signing him to their practice squad.

Rogers is an interesting player and an intriguing move by the Colts.  Rogers is a very talented wide receiver and showed that in college.  But his off the field maturity level is a huge concern with him and even saw him get kicked out of the University of Tennessee, leaving him to finish his collegiate career at Tennessee Tech.  There are numerous concerns with Rogers when it comes to maturity issues, which range from failed drug tests to sometimes giving up on routes if he's not the intended receiver or showing poor body language on the field.

Rogers insists that the drugs are behind him and he gets a second chance to make it in the NFL.  Some teams were still scared away, but as is commonly said, all it takes is one team taking that chance, and the Colts are.  If they can get him under control and to be mature, then this move was yet another great find by Ryan Grigson.  And if Rogers doesn't work out, the Colts can cut him without any real rammificatiosn.  I see this one as a low risk, high reward trade.

Rogers is talented, and besides - the Colts could use help at receiver.  LaVon Brazill is in the middle of his four game suspension; David Reed has yet to play since the Colts traded for him (first missing time with a concussion and then with a quad injury); and T.Y. Hilton was limited in practice yesterday with a groin injury.  Signing Rogers provides good security at the receiver position should they need to call on him.

Lastly, if I'm David Reed, I'm officially on notice.  If Rogers looks good and the Colts need another roster spot to add someone else, guess who likely will get cut?  Yeah, the receiver that can't get on the field in the first place.  I'm not saying he'll be cut immediately, but if Rogers looks good in practice and in any game action that he does get (which likely will be very limited), Reed could be the one to go.

Bottom line is that I really like the Colts' move to sign Rogers and think it is very low risk, high reward.  He probably won't get much playing time, but I think he's a good player and a good addition to this team.