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Report: Terrelle Pryor To Start Against The Colts On Sunday

If the San Francisco Chronicle's report proves to be correct, the Colts will face off against the Raiders newly-appointed starting quarterback.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Well, Colts fans, Sunday’s season opener against the Raiders just got a little more interesting.

According to Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle, former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor will get the call against the Colts on Sunday.

For those counting, this will be the second straight offseason in which Matt Flynn has lost a hold on the starting job at the hands of an underdog. Last year, a then-unknown Russell Wilson outplayed the newly-acquired Flynn and ultimately ran away with the job after Flynn started experiencing elbow issues.

This year, Flynn is getting a wild dose of déjà vu.

After Flynn’s elbow started acting up, yet again, Pryor was kinda sorta given the keys to the offense in the Raiders final preseason game against the Seahawks. Pryor underperformed and looked fairly mediocre for most of the night, at least in the air, but Raiders coach Dennis Allen apparently feels that Pryor gives the Raiders the best chance to win going forward.

Much has been made about the tweaking of Pryor’s throwing mechanics coming into 2013, with Pryor even stating that he never actually knew how to throw a football before this year. However, Pryor’s undeniable arm strength and impressive 4.38 speed make him somewhat of a pain to game plan for.

As for the Colts, they were undoubtedly going to get a taste of the pistol, regardless of whether Pryor started or not. But now, they'll likely get a little more and can exclusively game plan for a Pryor-led Oakland offense.

The defense, at times, has been a cause for concern during the preseason, especially when trying to field a consistent pass rush. However, if the Colts can pass a pistol test featuring Darren McFadden and Pryor in Week 1, it will speak volumes about the rebuilt defense going forward.

While unlikely, it’s entirely possible that the report could be incorrect, or that Allen could quickly change his mind and go with Flynn. But according to two league sources in Tafur's report, Allen has already informed both Pryor and Flynn of his decision.

So, on Sunday, it looks like the Colts will get the first crack at the Raiders’ newest starting quarterback.