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Colts Have The No. 1 Run Blocking Offensive Line In Football

Football Outsiders has the Colts' offensive line ranked No. 1 in terms of run blocking.

Andy Lyons

Josh Wilson and I said on our podcast earlier this week that Trent Richardson should produce better numbers in Indianapolis because, unlike in Cleveland, the Colts' offensive line is very good at run blocking.

Pass blocking? Different story. They kind of suck at that. But, run blocking, they are very good.

Football Outsiders seems to agree with this. They currently have the Colts line ranked as the top run blocking group in the NFL after two weeks. Surprisingly, Cleveland is ranked 10th, which gives credence to the chatter that Richardson was the reason the run game wasn't as effective as it should have been in Cleveland, not the offensive line.

The Colts rushed for 127 yards in Week One against Oakland and for 133 yards in Week Two against Miami. They're averaging 4.7 yards a carry and have rushed for two touchdowns, including Andrew Luck's 19-yard scramble for a score in Week One to beat the Raiders.

FO also ranks the Colts No. 29 in the league in pass blocking.