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Colts have No. 5 ranked rushing attack, No. 26 ranked passing attack

This does not compute.

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Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Chappell tweeted this out earlier this this week:

Note: This tweet was sent before San Francisco ran all over St. Louis last night on Thursday Night Football.

A team with Andrew Luck as their quarterback:

  • Is only two spots above the Jaguars in terms of passing offense
  • Has yet to score over 30 points in a game
  • Has fewer yards-per-game than Christian Ponder and the Vikings

This does not compute!

This is still a bit disconcerting in that running the ball does not win games in the modern NFL. However, Chuck Pagano and his defensive-minded coaching thinks that it does.

Stephen Holder of the Indianapolis Star has a good article on why it's Pagano that is the true mastermind behind the Colts de-emphasizing the passing game and pushing the run game more. This is something that I've been writing about for weeks. (psst, thanks Stephen!)

It's also worth noting that Luck himself has 44 yards rushing and has scored two rushing touchdowns.

Against the 49ers, this style of offense was effective. It was also kind of cool to see Indy physically dominate a quality opponent. However, against many other teams in the NFL, the Colts need to start slinging the rock around a bit if they want to retake the AFC South.