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Honor Flight and the True Blue Fans' 'Bullying Auction'

Some Indianapolis area Colts fans are doing some great community work you should be aware of.

Doug Pensinger

John Cimasko is known by many Colts fans as "Jersey Johnny." Long before I started getting into this whole blogging thing, John was making the voice of the fan heard on local Indianapolis radio. Presently, he hosts a show on 107.5 1070 the Fan, and he'd been crazy enough to invite me on that show once or twice.

However, ranting about the Colts isn't what's on John's mind these days. What he seems truly passionate about is the Honor Flight organization.

Honor Flight helps World War II veterans fly, free of charge, to Washington DC to see the World War II Memorial. It's a noble and kind mission. One that should put Jersey Johnny on your "good dudes who do selfless acts for others" list.

John is also holding a special bid for Honor Flight. Amazingly, he has two tickets to the soon-to-be-insanely-hyped Broncos at Colts game on October 20th. The seats are in Section 404, row 12, seats 19+20. Starting Monday, September 30th, you can email your bids on the tickets, with the proceeds going to Honor Flight.

For more information on Indy Honor Flight, visit their website.

But John isn't the only Colts fan doing some great, local work in the community. Justin Henson of True Blue Fans sent me an email about a cause that is dear to him: Bullying and how it affects children. He and his wife are setting up an auction to help bullying victims.

From his email:

What we are asking of people is for them to donation any Colts memorabilia or extra game tickets they aren't using for the auction. I have already tweeted my article about it that was posted on our site to a few of the players that interact with us. I do not expect much to come from that so I am basically relying on our fans to help us out. Even if we only have a few items to auction off that's better than nothing.

We will have the items shipped to our home and we will keep a daily update on the cost of each item. They can either tweet, DM or email their bid in to us and we will update accordingly.

Justin has this post up on his blog providing more details on the auction. From the post:

We are now asking for your help. Over the last couple of months, I have been wanting to do an auction via True Blue Fans for Colts memorabilia, tickets or anything like that. Our issue is finding people who are willing to donate for the auction.

I’m sure you’re wondering what the auction would be for, and what would be done with the money. There is a cause that Cari and I feel very passionately about- to end bullying. This is a cause that is dear to our hearts as we both work with juveniles and have seen a few of their young lives cut short due to bullying. We also have children of our own and we want to help stand up to bullying so that it may never happen to them.

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. If we are able to get a few items sent to us for use then we will be able to hold a two week auction with all proceeds going to the National Bullying Prevention Center.

Justin says he doesn't expect much to come for this auction. Prove him wrong. If you have anything Colts-related that you want to donate, click the link and contact him.

Yes, I know you are reading this Jim Irsay, Ryan Grigson, and Chuck Pagano! I'm talking to you as well. Donate.

As for the rest of you chuckleheads, take the time to look into these two worthy causes that are being spearheaded by Colts fans, just like you.

If you're interested in why I have dedicated an entire post to John and Justin's causes, let's just say that I'm not as mean and bitter as I like to pretend I am. There's a lot of silly-but-necessary advertising that is thrown into your faces on blogs like this one and many others. Doesn't hurt to do a post that promotes good causes.