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Stampede Blue's Staff Picks The 2013 Indianapolis Colts Record

You better not suck this year, Colts. If you do, you're going to make all of us look like even bigger schmucks than we already are!

Jeff Zelevansky

Stampede Blue's cadre of crackjack writers, editors, and rest of the the low-life, cocaine-fueled scumbags we let sleep on the floor in here have come together to offer up the following predictions for the Indianapolis Colts in 2013!

Matt Grecco (Co-Editor, stats geek, loved by small animals and IndyCar drivers everywhere): 9-7

The Colts win the division being the only team above .500. Houston has to play the 2nd toughest schedule in the AFC (14th overall). I'll certainly take this season result. The AFC South also has the least number of wins of any other division.

Josh Wilson (Editor, writer, man of great spirit): 10-6

While the Colts 11-5 record in 2012 was with a team with talent for a 6-7 win team, they overachieved and had a "magical" season. Not so in 2013. The Colts will be a legitimate 10 win team and will emerge as a real force in the NFL, one that teams will have to deal with for as long as Andrew Luck is under center for the Indianapolis Colts.

Nick Ragsdale (Writer, smug assh*le, father of many beautiful children who will one day grow up to kick Brad's ass): 9-7

My resume speaks for itself (I predicted the Ravens to win the Super Bowl last year - in the preseason!) and my record is solid. It'll be tough to top last year - but IT'S WHAT I DO.

Andrew Mishler (Writer, editor, recovering alcoholic at Ball State University journalism school): 11-5

Oh God! I shouldn't have drank all that vodka and hot sauce last night! [projectile vomits onto a nun's face]

Stew Blake (Writer, insufferable apologist for all things Ohio State): 10-6

Stop texting me! I'm watching Urban Meyer on television talk to Jesus through his coach's headset!

Brad Wells (Editor-in-Chief, hated by all who know and oppose him): 11-5

Fire Ryan Grigson. Fire Chuck Pagano. Fire the Pope. Fire your mother. I know I did last night. AY-OH! ZING! BADDA-BING! I'm here all week. Try the veal!

In the case of Matt, Josh, Stew, and myself, we all have the Colts winning the AFC South division.

Oh, and in case you didn't get it, those last three quotes weren't really quotes. I just made them up. Well, OK, my quote might have been real... at some point... probably when I was drunk.

As always, thank you to the lovely and wonderful people who take the time to write for us at Stampede Blue. If any of you want to kick my ass, I'll be out back trying to buy heroin from a teenager.*