If Luck doesn't get some help next year, current bad habits could become a long term problem.

Out of the four interceptions Luck threw against the Pats, two weren't really his fault, one was sort of his fault, and one was totally his fault. That last one is the one that show's Luck's biggest flaw right now: his tendency to force the ball down the field. It was first and fifteen, and we were still in the game, kind of. Luck takes the snaps and looks at his options. He has several targets running short routes, and Whalen and Brazill are reasonably open, but Luck, who is not being pressured, chooses to throw the ball down the field to Fleener, who is surrounded by Patriots, and the ball is intercepted.
True, we were losing, and true, it was first and fifteen instead of first and ten, but taking that risk is completely unnecessary and put us in a very bad position. The decision was inexcusable... and also totally understandable.
#12 is a humble guy, but they call him "meal-ticket" for a reason. He knows, or at least he's been conditioned to think, that if he doesn't make plays and get the ball down the field then we will not win the game. And that's almost always true. Many quarterbacks in the league have either a good defense or a good running game to bail them out if they are not performing well. Luck has neither. If I'm Collin Kaepernick on first and fifteen, I'm thinking, "Huh, nobody open, no running lanes available... I'll throw it away and give it to my stellar running back on the next down. If that doesn't work then hey, no big deal, I can always count on Patrick Willis and company to force a punt." Luck doesn't have that luxury, and that is why he can look "turnover prone" next to more "efficient" passers like Russell Wilson... who also has a great running game and defense.
If we can take some of that responsibility off of Luck next year by supplying him with either a solid running game or consistent defense, I believe that his inclination to force passes will go away, but if he enters his fifth year and he still has the same level of talent around him that he had this year, this problem might become more permanent. He'll keep making mistakes like the ones we saw on Saturday, and they'll come back to bite us against elite teams in the playoffs.

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