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Andrew Luck is Heading to the Pro Bowl

With Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson making the Super Bowl, Andrew Luck makes the Pro Bowl as a second alternate and will be heading to Hawaii.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks made the Super Bowl today, and it will be Peyton Manning versus Russell Wilson at the quarterback.  Both of them were Pro Bowlers this season, and with them both being unavailable for the Pro Bowl game next Sunday night, Colts quarterback Andrew Luck will be heading to the Pro Bowl as an alternate.

This is Luck's second straight year heading to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl and it's his second season in the NFL.  He played very well this season, completing 343 of 570 passes (60.2%) for 3,822 yards, 23 touchdowns, and only 9 interceptions for a passer rating of 87.0.  He also rushed 63 times for 377 yards and 4 touchdowns, averaging 5.98 yards per carry.  He helped carry the Colts to 11 wins in the regular season and 3 fourth quarter comebacks while winning the AFC South.  He also led the Colts to a playoff fourth quarter comeback and win and threw for 774 yards and rushed for 50 more in two playoff games.

It is a well deserved honor for Luck, who will join outside linebacker Robert Mathis, long snapper Matt Overton, and the Colts coaching staff as Colts representatives at the Pro Bowl.  This year, the Pro Bowl is formatted differently than in the past, as it will be a fantasy type draft where Deion Sanders and Jerry Rice will be the captains and select the teams.  I believe that will be broadcasted live on Wednesday night, for the two of you who really want to watch that.  The Pro Bowl will be next Sunday night, and while it's usually a joke, at least it's football and it will be the last chance you'll have to watch some of the Colts players play until August.

Only one Colt was selected outright (Mathis), but two have joined him since, and the coaching staff is going as well to coach one of the teams.  All of the sudden, there's a pretty good Colts contingent heading to Hawaii this week.  I sincerely hope they enjoy their time and have a great time while there.  They all deserve it.

Congrats to Andrew Luck, Matt Overton, and Robert Mathis for making the Pro Bowl.  They all are well deserving.