Is Wide Receiver really a priority in this draft?

I've been looking at mock drafts from multiple media sources, and even a few from guys on this site, and nearly everybody seems to think that should be looking to draft a wide receiver. I don't think that should happen.

Obviously the receiving corps struggled this year after Allen and Wayne went down, but guys did step up eventually. It seems to me that with the return of Dwayne Allen and Reggie Wayne, Luck should have plenty of weapons next year. TY has become a star. Fleener has improved and should continue to do so. Whalen has earned his time on the field and I think he should be the number three guy on the depth chart next year. We have maturing talent in Brazill and Rogers. The only way we could be noticeably better is if we got a guy with first round talent, like a Marquise Lee or Mike Evans. But obviously we can't do that and we wouldn't draft a receiver that high even if we had a first round pick.

It's always good to have depth at the position, but how much can a third or fourth round wideout really help us?

Am I missing something? Did Grigson find another diamond in the rough in the later rounds? Should we invest a draft pick in a receiver? If so, which draft pick? I added a poll just for the hell of it.

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