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Ryan Grigson Compares Andrew Luck To Michael Jordan

That's a bit of a stretch, Ryan.

Andy Lyons

Andrew Luck quarterbacked the Indianapolis Colts to one the greatest comeback victories in NFL Playoffs history due, in large part, to his stellar play in the second half of the game.

After getting down 38-10 to the Kansas City Chiefs early in the early third quarter, Luck threw four touchdown passes and scored another one after recovering a Donald Brown fumble inside the five yard line and reaching across the goal line with the ball. The Colts won the game 45-44, with the game-winning score being a 64-yard touchdown bomb from Luck to wide receiver T.Y. Hilton with 4:29 remaining in the fourth quarter.

It was a game for the ages. A performance for the ages.

But, was it Jordan-esque? Colts general manager Ryan Grigson seems to think so.

Grison spoke about Luck's penchant for fourth quarter brilliance to NFL Network's Albert Breer following the team's first playoff victory since 2010 (via PFT):

"He’s always been a different animal in the fourth quarter, his whole life," Grigson said. "And just even hearing the story from his uncle [and agent, Will Wilson]. He relishes those moments. It’s like Jordan when he’d take that last shot — he wants the ball. This guy, we’re so blessed, he wants the ball in those situations. Other guys don’t want the ball; they want to hand it off. They don’t really want it — they’re gonna be half-stepping it. This kid is gonna rear back and throw a bomb when he has all the pressure on him. And that’s a thing of beauty. You’re born with that."

Look, Grigson was most likely VERY excited that the team he pieced together following a massive roster purge in 2012 won a home playoff game. So, it's understandable if he was just a tad nutty when Breer interviewed him. Maybe, as things settled down and the energy from the game subsided, Grigson came to his senses.

Luck had a great second half, and he is a brilliant young quarterback. He is NOT one of the greatest athletes ever to play professional sports, as Michael Jordan clearly was. And, while Luck's fourth quarter comebacks are very impressive, until they happen in Super Bowls (and result in multiple Super Bowl victories), it's probably a good idea to hold off on Jordan comparisons.

That said, that Luck kid is pretty damn good, isn't he?