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Thanks For The Naked Andrew Luck Pic, Pat McAfee

Hey look! It's Andrew Luck's bare ass!

via Deadspin

As Deadpsin and others posted last night, Colts punter Pat McAfee accidentally published a Twitter pic of a very naked Andrew Luck following the Colts 45-44 comeback win in the playoffs over the Chiefs.

Of course, we're going to post it here too even though McAfee deleted the Twitter pic from his account:


Because McAfee is good-natured in general, he's taking the screw-up in stride:

I like how Luck is seemingly weirded out by (I assume) QB coach Clyde Christensen standing there while he's attempting to get dressed.

Hey man, I got a free-wheeling dong here. Can you hold off on the QB notes until after I get from friggin' clothes on?

I also like the USA-themed flip-flops Vinatieri is sporting. Thank god he's wearing a towel.