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Jim Irsay Returns to the Colts Today

With the Colts' sixth game now over, owner Jim Irsay is eligible to return from his suspension to his team today (Friday) at noon.

Sean Gardner

On September 2, the NFL came down hard on Colts owner Jim Irsay, suspending him six games and fining him $500,000 for violating the league's personal conduct policy following his arrest for driving while impaired.

Well, the Colts' sixth game of the season is now over, a 33-28 victory over the Houston Texans on Thursday Night Football, and as such Irsay is eligible to return to the team - and to twitter - on Friday at noon.  It'll be great for the team just to have their biggest fan and biggest supporter back in the building, and Irsay is one of the best owners in the league.  His suspension and time away from his franchise was difficult for him I'm sure, but now he's back.

In his absence, his daughters, Carlie, Casey, and Kalen, ran the team, and guys like Pete Ward (Chief Operating Officer), Ryan Grigson (General Manager), Dan Emerson (VP and general counsel), and others were involved as well.  All of them will stay heavily involved, but they won't be running things anymore.  That'll be Jim Irsay's job, as he steps back in as owner on Friday following his team's sixth game.  Oh, and that also means that he'll return to twitter as well, and I'm looking forward to that part too (*grabs popcorn and sits in front of computer screen refreshing twitter*).

Welcome back, Jim Irsay!