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Throwback Thursday: The Path to a Record

Records are meant to be broken. This Sunday, we will (probably) see the All-Time mark for touchdown passes be broken by Peyton Manning. This week's Throwback Thursday looks at Manning's milestone touchdowns with the Colts.

Jed Jacobsohn

Any time we see a lofty NFL record fall we get bombarded by ESPN and other media outlets about it. That will probably happen this weekend, as former Colts QB Peyton Manning should break the all-time record for touchdown passes, currently held by Brett Favre.

Favre's record stands at 508, and Manning is currently sitting at 506 going into Sunday night's game against the San Francisco 49ers. Odds are that record will fall.

In honor of Manning (probably) breaking this record, today's Throwback Thursday, will look at each of the significant touchdown milestones Manning reached as a Colt.

It has been well documented that Manning (and Andrew Luck) threw a touchdown pass on their first ever pass in the NFL pre-season. As many of you probably know, Manning's first "real" touchdown pass came in his first regular season game in 1998, a loss against the Miami Dolphins.

The game saw Manning toss three interceptions before scoring one for the home team. Fittingly, that touchdown pass went to Marvin Harrison, who had five catches for 102 yards and a score that day. It was on that day that Manning's legend began, and it has simply grown from there.

Number 100 came three years later in 2001. It was a part of another losing season, and another loss to the Dolphins. On this day Manning threw three TDs and one interception, a reverse of his first game, to go with 253 yards. It shouldn't surprise you that all three of Manning's touchdowns that day went to Harrison, who hauled in nine catches for 172 yards and the three scores.

The Dolphins, led by Jay Fiedler, scored 10 unanswered points in the game's final period to come away with the win over the Colts.

The next milestone, TD number 200, was very different. It happened in a blowout win and it went to Reggie Wayne. It was also a part of Manning's historic 2004 season. A season which, in my opinion, was only topped by his 2013 campaign.

Three years and 10 days after Manning threw his 100th touchdown, he tossed his 200th. This time the opponent was the Chicago Bears. Simply put, Manning was on fire that day. He only had 211 yards, but threw four touchdown passes, two to Wayne, one to Marcus Pollard, and one (naturally) to Harrison.

Jump another three years down the road for TD number 300. This one occurred in December of 2007 against the Baltimore Ravens, another blowout win for the Colts.

Manning only threw the ball 17 times for 249 yards and four touchdowns. Two of those, including number 300, went to rookie Anthony Gonzalez. Manning found Wayne and Joseph Addai for the other two scores.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I mostly remember this game for the Colts defense dominating a struggling Ravens team, as well as for the blocked punt at the start of the game.

That was the last of the century marks Manning would hit as a Colt. Manning's first touchdown pass as a Bronco went to Demaryius Thomas, and it was also his 400th touchdown pass.

And, of course, a few weeks ago he threw touchdown pass number 500 against the Arizona Cardinals, this one going to Julius Thomas.

Manning left the Colts with 399 spectacular (regular season) touchdown passes. I was trying to think of a favorite from Manning's time with the Colts, but I just couldn't pick one.

This Sunday he should eclipse Favre's record. I certainly hope he does, mainly because I'm in Denver, so naturally I'm going to go see Manning one more time in person.

What was your favorite Manning touchdown with the Colts? Can any of you pick out just one, which I couldn't (probably)?