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Best and Worst Colts Fantasy Football Options in Week Seven

Looking at the value for Colts players in FanDuel's Fantasy Football this week.

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Scott Halleran

Every week, we're partnering with FanDuel to look at which Colts have the best and the worst value for this week's games. FanDuel is a weekly fantasy football site in which you're the general manager.  You have a salary cap of $60,000 and you have to try and assemble the best team possible under the cap.

The Colts are on a four-game winning streak, and during the wins plenty of players wearing the horseshoe have been very good fantasy football options.  This week, the Colts face a tough test in the Cincinnati Bengals - what's the fantasy outlook for their players?  Let's take a look at FanDuel's rankings this week and see who some of the good values might be:


Andrew Luck, 2nd overall QB, $10,000 value

Andrew Luck is never a bad start in fantasy football.  He's currently leading the NFL in both passing yards and touchdowns, can contribute with his legs, and has been the best fantasy quarterback so far this year.  He's tied with Peyton Manning in terms of value this week, but Luck is never a bad guy to start.

Running Back:

Ahmad Bradshaw, 24th overall RB, $6,600 value

Trent Richardson, 35th overall RB, $5,900 value

Richardson's value just keeps dropping, and it's not really hard to see why.  Ahmad Bradshaw is clearly the better option among the two both for real and in fantasy, but here's the thing with Bradshaw: he typically doesn't get enough touches to warrant starting in fantasy, but he has scored a lot of touchdowns this year - obviously making him a good start if he scores that week.  That's the risk you run when starting Bradshaw: will he score or not?

Wide Receiver:

T.Y. Hilton, 13th overall WR, $7,600 value

Reggie Wayne, 19th overall WR, $7,000 value

Hakeem Nicks, 58th overall WR, $5,300 value

T.Y. Hilton is a good consistent start in fantasy football, because while he'll get a good number of catches each game, he's got real potential to break out for huge numbers in any game - like he did last week.  Reggie Wayne is also a consistent start, too, as he's always good for at least three catches a game and puts up at least solid numbers every week.  As for Hakeem Nicks?  No matter how low he keeps dropping, it's not worth it at all to start Nicks.

Tight End:

Dwayne Allen, 10th overall TE, $5,700 value

Coby Fleener, 13th overall TE, $5,500 value

Neither Colts tight end is putting up huge numbers and that makes them questionable plays in fantasy football, but Dwayne Allen has really developed into a big red zone target for Andrew Luck, which has resulted in touchdowns.  Still, however, it's similar to Bradshaw - there's not a guarantee he'll get a score.  Neither tight end is a bad play by any means, but they're definitely not the best either.  They're both probably valued about right.


Adam Vinatieri, 4th overall K, $5,300

If you need a kicker, look no further than Adam Vinatieri.  He has yet to miss this year and is having a fantastic season, and on a team like the Colts he will get his points.  The Colts are the league's highest scoring team, meaning that they'll get some touchdowns (extra points for Vinatieri) and they'll move the ball enough to at least get into field goal range a couple of times.  Vinatieri is a good start in fantasy football every week.


Colts Defense, 3rd overall defense, $5,400 value

The Colts defense has been impressive in the past four games, and they've been forcing punts, turnovers, and getting sacks.  Against an offense like the Bengals a third overall ranking might be a bit high, but that just goes to show how much improved the Colts defense has been.  They're actually not a terrible option this week in fantasy - but third overall might be a bit high.

Editor's Note: FanDuel is hosting a $250,000 one-week fantasy football league this weekend. It's $5 to join and the top 9,680 teams win money. League starts Sunday 1 PM ET and ends on Monday night. Here's the link.