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Terrell Suggs on Andrew Luck: He's "Really (expletive) Good"

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs had high praise for Colts quarterback Andrew Luck in advance of their matchup on Sunday, saying that, "this guy's actually really (expletive) good."

Patrick Smith

Normally, the week before a game you get a lot of general compliments from teams about players on the opposing team.  That's just how it works.  But Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs wants you to know that's not what he's doing when talking about Colts quarterback Andrew Luck.

"We're real impressed with the kid and we don't say that a lot," Suggs said, per Comcast Sportsnet Baltimore. "Usually we come up here and play the political game, we're like, 'Oh, this guy can make every throw' and 'This guy's pretty good,' but this guy's actually really (expletive) good.

"He is really good and he can run, he ran like a 4.5 or something at the combine so he's out running most defensive ends and everything. It's going to be a fun, entertaining game."

Anytime a linebacker in his 12th year in the league and a guy who has notched 95 career sacks says that, it probably means a bit more.  But Suggs isn't the only Raven impressed with Andrew Luck.

"He runs the offense to a T," Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith said.  "I feel like every time somebody is open he hits him - at least on film that's what it looks like.  So like I said, everybody has to be on their game this week.  Everybody has to know exactly what we're doing and we can't let no balls get over our head."

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh was asked on his conference call with Indy media yesterday about whether he's seen improvement from Luck this year. "He looked just as good as he's always looked to me," Harbaugh said. "Is he better than he was? I don't know. He was pretty great the last time we played them too. I pretty much saw him last year, you know we didn't play them and he pretty much got that offense going. The year before that when we played them in the playoffs, it was Andrew Luck doing most of the heavy lifting. He's just a guy you build a whole team around. They've done that very, very effectively. I just think the world of him as a player, as a person. I know him a little bit because of the relationship with Jim (Harbaugh) in college at Stanford. Man, he's just a great player and a great person."

The Ravens certainly know that they have a big test this weekend in playing Andrew Luck.  The Colts, likewise, know that the Ravens will provide them with a big test as well.  Colts head coach Chuck Pagano (and former Ravens assistant and defensive coordinator) said that the Ravens have a lot of "game wreckers" on defense and that playing them "looks like a scary movie."  Both teams know that they will be tested this week.  The Ravens know the biggest test will come from Colts quarterback Andrew Luck.