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What is a Bold Decision you want to see the Colts Make?

What is a bold decision that you would like to see the Colts make at this quarter mark of the season?

Andy Lyons

At the quarter mark of this season, what bold decision do I want the Colts to make?  That's a good question, because of my initial responses, either they would hurt the team or the team has already started to do them.

Let me explain: when I think of a bold decision, I was trying to think of a move in the lineup I'd like to see the Colts make.  What about benching LaRon Landry?  Ok, but we've yet to see how his replacement will do - but we're about to find out.  What about benching D'Qwell Jackson?  Well, Josh McNary hasn't been great in replacing Jerrell Freeman, so maybe that isn't the best option quite yet?  What about benching Bjoern Werner?  There's absolutely no real option to replace him, other than rookie Jonathan Newsome.  We know that Ahmad Bradshaw is better than Trent Richardson, but would giving Bradshaw the majority of the snaps and make him the technical "starter" be a wise move?  I actually think the Colts are handling the situation well, because they want Bradshaw around for the whole season.  Me too.

The Colts are a team that are not deep at many positions.  That's just the nature of the roster they have right now, and for the most part making roster moves would not be a great move.  So what about scheme?  I would have said that I want the Colts to pass to set up the run instead of run to set up the pass - but that's exactly what they've been doing the past two games.  Hopefully that continues.

So I'll say this is the bold decision I want the Colts to make, and it too is something that they have begun to do but that I hope they do a bit more of: go deep.  Push the ball downfield.  In the first two weeks, they really didn't do this much at all.  In the past two weeks they have begun to do that more, and it's something that I want to continue to see them do.

The Colts have Reggie Wayne as a fantastic possession receiver, but T.Y. Hilton provides a huge threat as a downfield target.  The Colts really need to utilize him as such and get him in opportunities to take a shot deep.  In order to most effectively do this, however, the Colts need more than just Hilton getting downfield.  Reggie is a great receiver, but that's not his game anymore.  Hakeem Nicks doesn't really do that as well either.  So what should the Colts do?  I think something that would help them push the ball downfield is get rookie Donte Moncrief some more playing time.  The Colts have begun to do that and Moncrief has been impressive, but getting him more and more time should continue to help the offense, and it really could help them to go deep downfield if they wish.  Having another guy like Moncrief to play with Hilton could help the Colts to get the ball downfield more, which is something that I want them to see more of.

It was a rather difficult decision, but a bold decision that I want the Colts to be more active in doing is taking more shots downfield and getting Donte Moncrief more playing time.

What about you? What's a bold decision that you'd like to see the Colts make?

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