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Colts WR Reggie Wayne Getting MRI on Elbow

Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne injured his elbow in yesterday's game, and while he came back in and finished the game and while he said he he is fine, head coach Chuck Pagano said today that the receiver is getting an MRI and we will know more later.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

In yesterday's win over the Cincinnati Bengals, one of the most important Colts suffered an injury that scared many Colts fans.  Wide receiver Reggie Wayne caught a simple crossing route as he was wide open, but he was tackled hard and slammed into the ground arm-first, and he immediately got up and ran to the sideline, holding his left arm at his side.  After getting checked out he came back into the game, but he didn't look like Reggie.  He dropped two wide open balls and likely wouldn't have had extended his 3+ catch streak had the Colts not been very intentional about it in the fourth quarter.

After the game, Reggie Wayne said that, "I'm good now," and that, "I just kind of fell on it, fell on my arm. Go home, have an adult beverage and see how it feels in the morning."  It sounded like the Colts and Reggie had dodged a bullet on an injury that initially some feared was serious.

At his press conference today, Colts head coach Chuck Pagano was vague regarding the team's injuries, though he noted that Reggie is undergoing an MRI today on his elbow and that the Colts will know more later.

"Injury-update wise, Reggie hurt his elbow in the course of the game," Pagano said to open his presser.  "Fell on it wrong, finished the game.  He's currently, along with these other two guys I'm going to talk about, they're getting MRIs, they're getting scans, and we'll know more.  We'll meet with the doctors later tonight and tomorrow and we'll know more at a later date on that.  (Jerrell) Freeman went out, diagnosed as a hip pointer, came back in and finished the game.  He's getting a scan too.  Think he's going to be ok.  Then Trent (Richardson) with a hamstring, he's getting an MRI, getting a scan and we'll know more later on that."

So Reggie Wayne (elbow), Jerrell Freeman (hip), and Trent Richardson (hamstring) are all undergoing MRIs today.  Pagano expects Freeman to be ok.  The other two?  He didn't say.  Asked if he has a sense regarding Reggie's injury, all he said was, "not until I speak to the doctors, I don't know."

This vagueness will likely be cause for concern from many, and it does cause one to pause and hold your breath hoping that he's truly ok.  He didn't look like it yesterday, but that doesn't mean it's a serious injury or anything like that.  I think for now we just have to assume that he's ok, but we'll know more later.  I don't think it's time to panic yet, because MRIs are pretty standard procedures for injured players.  This is nothing abnormal, and Pagano even noted that Freeman is undergoing an MRI but should be ok.  The fact that Reggie is undergoing an MRI doesn't mean much other than that the Colts want to take a closer look at the injury.  Basically, stay tuned, and hopefully the MRI confirms what Reggie said yesterday.

[UPDATE:] According to a report from RTV6's Mike Chappell, Reggie Wayne's elbow injury isn't too serious but he still might very well miss "a game or two."  We have that and reaction to the report here.