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Reggie Wayne on Elbow: "Don't Panic" and "I'll Be Fine"

Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne suffered an elbow injury during Sunday's win, and on his radio show today on 1260 WNDE he said that he's still not sure of the MRI results but had a clear message: "don't panic. I'll be fine."

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

While Colts fans anxiously await news on the results of star receiver Reggie Wayne's MRI on his elbow, Wayne appeared on his weekly radio show with Jake Query and Derek Schultz on 1260 WNDE in Indianapolis and he said that he still is waiting for the results as well.

With that said, however, he did make one thing clear: don't panic.  "We won't really know what's going on until we get the results of the MRI," Reggie said, "but I can tell you don't panic.  I'll be fine.  Everything will be alright.  I can still do the wave and do everything else.  I'll be alright."

Reggie mentioned that, "it's all speculation.  You don't really know what it is until the doctors read the MRI, come together, and tell you exactly what you have.  So I'm just like everybody else, waiting, but I feel pretty good."

How'd the injury happen?   "Well in the first quarter of the game, the first pass I caught, I kinda landed on my arm kinda wrong," Wayne said.  "It looked worse than it actually was if you saw it on TV or whatnot.  Played the rest of the game with it, knew it felt kinda weird.  Put a sleeve on it in the game, as you could see, and after the game, we pretty much had the game in hand so I put a little ice on it,  and that's what we would do with any other injury you have - you put ice on it - and the next day I went and got an MRI and I'm waiting to hear back from the docs to tell me what my MRI says."

Wayne noted that "it's too early" to determine his status for Sunday but did say that he won't practice Wednesday for sure - because he sits out every Wednesday for a veteran's rest day.  Regardless of the injury, he wouldn't have been out there tomorrow.

"Let me tell you this: if I'm not out there [on Sunday], then it means that I probably would be hurting the team," Reggie said today.  "I'm going to do everything I possibly can to rehab, get right.  I'm going to wait for the doctors, see what they say.  And after I hear from the doctors, I'm going to hear from another set of doctors.  And we're going to all put our thoughts together and come to a conclusion.  If you don't see me out there - not only Sunday but any given Sunday - then it's probably something I can't fight through."

Understandably, Reggie wants to be out there, and indeed that was something that he was known for during the first twelve years of his career.  He played in 189 consecutive games before a torn ACL ended that streak in week seven last year.  Now, an elbow injury threatens to put him out for at least a game once again.  "Well, those twelve seasons that I was healthy, I was hurt then too," Reggie said.  "Just during those times I was a little younger.  Those bones, they heal a little quicker then.  But that's the way it is.  Like I said, I'm blessed, man, to be able to play this far, to come this far and this is my fourteenth year and I'm still truckin', still feel good.  I've had some bumps and bruises but I've fought through them.  So regardless of the information I get with my elbow, which I can say with a good smile on my face that I'm gonna be ok, I'm gonna fight through it.  I'm gonna continue to push.  You're going to continue to see the same Reggie you've always seen."

And that's good news for Colts fans.  This year, he has caught 38 passes for 434 yards and a touchdown, putting him on pace for 87 catches, 992 yards, and 2 touchdowns this season.  He has eight 1,000 yard receiving seasons and just last Sunday reached another significant milestone: 14,000 career receiving yards, something only eight other players have done in NFL history.

While Colts fans (and Reggie himself) still await word on his MRI, Reggie said today not to panic and that he'll be fine.  Yesterday, RTV6's Mike Chappell reported that Reggie might miss a game or two with his elbow injury, and while that's still certainly possible (and perhaps probable), it seems clear that the injury isn't expected to be serious (like Chappell reported as well) and that, while maybe not this week or the next, Reggie should be back before long.