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What Adjustments Should the Colts Make?

What adjustment would be the best for the Colts to make?

Kirk Irwin

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This is a very interesting question for the Colts because, well, they don't need to make any adjustments to make the playoffs.  Seriously - they already have a two-game lead on the second place team in the division and have a head-to-head win over that team. There are only two divisions in the NFL that have three teams with losing records.  One of them is the NFC South, but the leader in that division, the Panthers, are only 3-3 so they don't have a big lead.  The other division is the AFC South, and the Colts are 5-2 and on a five-game winning streak, looking very good.  The Colts are basically a lock to make the playoffs.

Check this out from our own Matt Grecco earlier this week:

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>Colts now at 98.9% to make the Playoffs. Only took 7 weeks. Bye is at 76%, Super Bowl win at 23.5%, only behind Broncos. Hype is real.</p>&mdash; Matt Grecco (@mgrex03) <a href="">October 21, 2014</a></blockquote> <script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

We're not even halfway through the season and the Colts already have a 98.9% chance to make the playoffs!  That's insane.  For this team, the question isn't about what adjustments they need to make in order to reach the playoffs, it's about what they need to do to reach the Super Bowl.  While the team can't talk this way, their goal clearly isn't just to make the playoffs.

So to answer Marshall Faulk's question, there aren't any adjustments that need to be made for this Colts team to make the playoffs.  They're beginning to run away with the division already.  So we're going to ask what adjustment you think the Colts need to make in order to reach the Super Bowl?  Is it benching LaRon Landry when he returns from his suspension?  Is it getting guys like Dwayne Allen even more involved in the offense?  What do you think would be the most helpful adjustment for the Colts to make?

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