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Best and Worst Colts Fantasy Football Options in Week Eight

Looking at the value for Colts players in FanDuel's Fantasy Football this week.

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Every week, we're partnering with FanDuel to look at which Colts have the best and the worst value for this week's games. FanDuel is a weekly fantasy football site in which you're the general manager.  You have a salary cap of $60,000 and you have to try and assemble the best team possible under the cap.

On a five-game winning streak, let's take a look at the FanDuel rankings for Colts players this week for their game against the Steelers and see who are the best and worst options:


Andrew Luck, 2nd overall QB, $9,900 value

Andrew Luck is a guy you should start every week.  This week against the Steelers' secondary, that's no different.  Even though he won't have Reggie Wayne, there's no reason to expect Luck won't get it done and be a great fantasy option this week.

Running Back:

Ahmad Bradshaw, 14th overall RB, $7,000 value

Trent Richardson, 32nd overall RB, $5,900 value

Ahmad Bradshaw has been a touchdown machine this year, and I don't think he's suddenly going to stop scoring touchdowns.  Especially this weekend, with Trent Richardson questionable, Bradshaw might be a good option to start.  T-Rich will be a game time decision, but either way I think Bradshaw is definitely the better option between the two and is a guy worth starting this weekend.

Wide Receiver:

T.Y. Hilton, 7th overall WR, $7,900 value

Reggie Wayne, 24th overall WR, $6,800 value

Hakeem Nicks, 51st overall WR, $5,300 value

Donte Moncrief, 64th overall WR, $5,100 value

There's really only one Colts wide receiver I'll advise you to start this weekend: T.Y. Hilton.  Absolutely don't start Reggie Wayne, as he has already been ruled out for the game.  Hakeem Nicks and Donte Moncrief will both see increased playing time, but they're both risks to start in fantasy football this week.  T.Y. Hilton likely won't be, however, and he'd be a good player to go with on your team.

Tight End:

Dwayne Allen, 4th overall TE, $6,000 value

Coby Fleener, 14th overall TE, $5,400 value

If there's ever a week to start a Colts tight end, it'd likely be this one.  With Reggie Wayne out, the Colts won't be ignoring their receivers by any means, but the two talented tight ends the team has will just continue to get opportunities.  Allen has been having a fantastic season and I don't expect that to continue, and Fleener has the potential to have a big game.  If you're choosing between these two, however, go with Allen.


Adam Vinatieri, 3rd overall K, $5,300

There are only four kickers in the NFL who remain perfect this year, and there's only one who plays on a team averaging over 30 points per game.  Adam Vinatieri will get his points in fantasy football - that much you can be sure of.  He's never a bad kicker to start.


Colts Defense, 1st overall defense, $5,600 value

We've reached the point where the Colts are now the number ranked defense in FanDuel's fantasy football for this weekend.  They have been playing very well, and against offenses like the Ravens and Bengals, too.  This weekend they have a tough test in Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown, and Le'Veon Bell, and we'll once again see a test of the defense that does certainly look much improved.  Believe it or not, they're actually not a bad option this week in fantasy.  But the best option?  I'm not sure I'd go that far.

Editor's Note: FanDuel is hosting a $500,000 one-week fantasy football league this weekend. It's $10 to join and first place wins $40,000. League starts Sunday 1 PM ET and ends on Monday night. Here's the link.