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Colts CB Vontae Davis Ruled Out for Remainder of the Game

Colts cornerback Vontae Davis was injured early in today's game and he has now been downgraded to out and will not return. Obviously, this is a huge loss for the Colts defense.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Colts defense looks absolutely lost so far today.  It's 35-17 Steelers in the second quarter, and Ben Roethlisberger already has four touchdown passes..  As if it wasn't already going to be tough enough for the defense, starting corner Vontae Davis has been ruled out for the remainder of the game with a knee injury.

Davis injured his right knee in the first quarter of the game after it appeared his knee collided with someone else's.  Davis stayed down on the field momentarily before getting up and walking to the sidelines.  He was trying to run/walk it off and was telling coaches that he was ok (per CBS) and he was initially ruled as probable to return.  A short while later Davis was still trying to walk it off and was continuing to talk with trainers, and his return was downgraded to questionable.  Now, it has been announced that Davis will not return to the game and has been ruled out.

The injury didn't look too bad initially but he kept trying to walk it off and get back in the game and he obviously didn't get there.  That is a huge, huge loss for the Colts defense.  Davis is arguably their best defensive player and is playing as perhaps the best corner in the league this year.  The Colts replacement plan hasn't been doing anything great, as Darius Butler and Josh Gordy are getting beat today.  Most concerning is that the Colts aren't getting any pass rush at all.

Andrew Luck has managed to lead the Colts to 17 points, but unless the defense starts playing better we're not going to see another comeback led by Luck.  A defensive turnaround, while not out of the question, will be much tougher without Vontae Davis.