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Monday After Awards: Colts at Steelers

The Colts have historically struggled with the Steelers and Sunday was no different. Pittsburgh rolled up and down the field on the Colts. Nevertheless, I've got some awards to hand out.

Justin K. Aller

Oh dear. Yesterday the Indianapolis Colts decided to revert to their 2013 selves, and it wasn't pretty. The first half was pretty much a colossal failure by the Colts. Outside of a few nice offensive drives, it was bleak. Luck was the offense. The line basically wasn't there. The defense looked like it never got off the plane from Indy.

It was ugly. And yet, somehow the Colts remained in the game until the fourth quarter. But as always, win or lose, I've got some awards to hand out.

MVP/Offensive MVP - Andrew Luck

Did Luck have great numbers? Oh yes. Did he play well? At times. Luck reminds me of Brett Favre in the sense that he just tries to force things a little too much sometimes.

It's ok to take a sack sometimes.

But Luck's 400 yards and three scores did keep the Colts in the game. At times he was brilliant finding receivers down the field for the long gains and touchdowns. But at times, Luck's mistakes hurt the Colts badly, chiefly the pick six and the butt safety.

We've seen Luck make a lot of questionable passes this year that have (fortunately) been dropped by defenders. On Sunday he didn't dodge the bullets on those mistakes. But again, Luck was the primary (if not only) reason the Colts were even close in the game.

Defensive MVP - None

I thought about giving this to Vontae Davis, since his absence was clearly felt. However, it's not like the Colts were stopping the Steelers even when he was in the game.

I thought about giving this to Reggie Wayne, since (for whatever reason) the defense is just dreadful when he isn't playing. It makes zero sense, I know.

Ultimately no one gets this award. Any time you give up 522 passing yards, six passing touchdowns, and 51 points, you don't deserve an award.

Welcome to the Show Award - Donte Moncrief

Yes, this award's name is a reference to J.J. Watt's comments about Zach Mettenberger after the game. But this game really was Moncrief's coming out party.

The kid showed off his wheels as well as his catching ability against a Steelers defense that decided to play like it was 2008. You could almost see Moncrief passing Nicks on the depth chart as the game went on.

This game should have solidified Moncreif as the team's third receiver behind Wayne and Hilton. If it didn't, I don't know what the coaches are thinking.

"I Remember That" Award - Darrius Heyward-Bey

I just had to include this. I'm glad Heyward-Bey is out there with the Steelers, because he is a good receiving option as a third or fourth guy.

However, was there any doubt that if he got thrown to in the game he would lose the handle on the football? He did just that on a key fumble that helped the Colts crawl back into the game, for a bit at least.

Play of the Game - Steelers 4th and Inches

I had to give some love to the Steelers coaching staff for this one. Right when the Steelers lined up to go for it, the first thought in my head was "I would throw it here." Sure enough, that's what happened.

The play worked perfectly as Heath Miller ran right past all of the Colts defenders (as he did all day) to get open for an easy score.

It was a gutsy (but correct) play-call from the Steelers, and it all but put the game away.

LVP - The Colts

I'm including everyone in this award. The coaches and the players simply were not ready for Pittsburgh. It didn't help that Pittsburgh came ready to play against the Colts as well.

The defense was dreadful. The offense was slightly less dreadful. Special teams was good, I suppose.

I would like to think that the Colts just had an off day. But then I think back to this time of the season last year where we saw too many games like this. On a day full of blowouts, though, the Colts did fit right in. Hopefully they can turn it around. We'll see what happens in New York next week.

Until then, I'll take a page out of Aaron Rodgers' book.