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2014 NFL Winning Stats Predictor Picks: Week 5

There aren't many weeks where you get more right picking Against the Spread than picking Straight Up winners, but that's what happened last week. Can the Predictor keep up the nice pace?

Andy Lyons

The Winning Stats Predictor didn't have the rockstar week that it had back in Week 3, but it still finished above .500 at 7-6, making it four straight weeks of staying at .500 or better. Season total Against the Spread how sits at 36-25 (59%). Incidentally, the Over/Unders went 11-2 last week, and are at a blistering 66% so far this season (40-21). Just killing it.

Picking games Straight Up, however, was not as nice, going just 5-8, a rarity that it's worse than picking Against the Spread. That brings our season total to the same 36-25 as Against the Spread. This will get better as we go along in the season.

Here are your Week 5 picks:

Home Score Away Score Probability
Packers 29 Vikings 25 61.6%
Cowboys 30 Texans 22 69.8%
Jaguars 25 Steelers 28 59.2%
Panthers 29 Bears 28 50.2%
Lions 20 Bills 18 55.0%
Colts 30 Ravens 25 61.8%
Eagles 24 Rams 26 53.7%
Titans 24 Browns 25 51.5%
Giants 29 Falcons 26 57.7%
Saints 29 Buccaneers 23 65.4%
Broncos 29 Cardinals 27 54.8%
49ers 26 Chiefs 22 62.0%
Chargers 31 Jets 23 69.2%
Patriots 18 Bengals 25 70.1%
Redskins 17 Seahawks 27 73.8%

SuperContest went a "disappointing" 3-2, bringing our season total down to 15-5. It would be good enough for 18th place overall in the real contest, so damn good. This week was a little more difficult, as there are several I'm going with that are against my gut, but the numbers are too good to pass up, so here goes:

  • Browns +1.5 at Titans
  • Jaguars +6 vs. Steelers
  • Rams +7 at Eagles
  • Cardinals +7 at Broncos
  • Bengals -1 at Patriots

Survivor Pick: I should have used the Chargers last week, went with the Steelers, and blew it. I'm clearly not made out for Survivor contests. But we'll keep hammering away, and we will use the Chargers this week at home against the Jets. I'm a big fan of the Chargers this year, so should be no problem winning at home.

USED: Jets, 49ers, Colts, Steelers