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Hakeem Nicks thinks he's the Best WR in the NFL

Colts wide receiver Hakeem Nicks told the Indianapolis Star that he still believes he's the best wide receiver in the NFL.

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When the Colts signed wide receiver Hakeem Nicks this offseason, it was seen as a good move by the team to bring in another veteran receiver to function as the third receiver on the team.  Nicks was a guy who a few years ago was a top receiver but in recent years hadn't been close to that.  He signed a one-year deal with the Colts to try to prove that he's still a good receiver and earn a bigger deal from a team next year.

Apparently, however, even though he only signed a one-year deal, he still thinks he's the best wide receiver in the NFL.  Seriously.

In an interview with the Indianapolis Star's Curt Cavin, Nicks said that, "I still view myself as the best receiver in the league...  That expectation ain't never going to change.  I'll get a chance to prove it eventually."

So far, he hasn't proven it yet this season.  Far from being the best receiver in the league, Nicks isn't even close to being the best receiver on his team.  He's tied for seventh on the Colts this year in receiving yards (94), fourth in catches (12), eighth in yards per catch (7.8), and tied for third in touchdowns (2).  On the positive side, however, Nicks already has two touchdown catches in four games with the Colts after he didn't catch a single touchdown last year.

Nicks is waiting for his chance.  "Just have to be patient; you know it's going to be a long season," Nicks told the Starregarding his role as the third receiver. "Being a receiver we all want the ball every play, but we understand that sacrifice is part of being on a team. You have to understand the play, the concept, understand to play team ball and everything will work out in the end for everybody."

Nicks is a good player and there likely will come more and more chances for him as the season goes on.  But with all due respect to Nicks, he's not the best receiver in the NFL.  He's not even the best receiver on his team, nor is he the second best.  Those two distinctions belong to Reggie Wayne and T.Y. Hilton, and Nicks is clearly the third receiver behind them.  I hope Nicks can get going this year and have a big season, and I like his confidence - but he's not the best receiver in the league.

What is true is that the Colts have compiled an impressive group of wide receivers for the league's leading passer, Andrew Luck.  Reggie Wayne is having a great year, T.Y. Hilton is there and just had a 100-yard day last week, Dwayne Allen and Coby Fleener at tight end, and Ahmad Bradshaw and Trent Richardson at running back - in addition to Hakeem Nicks and Donte Moncrief, the third and fourth wide receivers.  Luck has the weapons to work with, and so far he has.  There's no reason to think that will change anytime soon, either.