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Best and Worst Colts Fantasy Football Options in Week Nine

Looking at the value for Colts players in FanDuel's Fantasy Football this week.

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Every week, we're partnering with FanDuel to look at which Colts have the best and the worst value for this week's games. FanDuel is a weekly fantasy football site in which you're the general manager.  You have a salary cap of $60,000 and you have to try and assemble the best team possible under the cap.

The Colts lost last week to end a five-game winning streak, and they take on the New York Giants on the road on Monday Night Football this week hoping to get back on the winning track.  Here's a look at the FanDuel fantasy football value for some prominent Colts as we take a look at who the best and worst options this week:


Andrew Luck, 1st overall QB, $10,100 value

Even when the Colts were playing without their number two wide receiver and with a line that couldn't block last week, Luck threw for 400 yards and 3 touchdowns.  In other words - he's a good fantasy option every week, and that is reflected in FanDuel's rankings.

Running Back:

Ahmad Bradshaw, 9th overall RB, $7,500 value

Trent Richardson, 36th overall RB, $5,900 value

With every week it seems that Ahmad Bradshaw's fantasy football value continues to grow.  He's scoring touchdowns at a great pace this year and he has produced for the Colts.  He's a good fantasy football option.  Trent Richardson is much more of a question, but I do think he's better than the 36th running back.  There's really no doubt about it - for a guy who gets the workload that Richardson does in the team's two-back system, he's a better option than 36th.  If you're looking for a cheap value pick, he could be one because he's ranked pretty low this week.

Wide Receiver:

T.Y. Hilton, 7th overall WR, $8,100 value

Reggie Wayne, 18th overall WR, $6,800 value

Donte Moncrief, 38th overall WR, $6,200 value

T.Y. Hilton leads the NFL in receiving yards and is the seventh overall wide receiver this week in fantasy.  I'd take that value and start him.  Reggie still isn't a sure thing to play in the game, but it seems likely that he will.  If he does play, he'll likely step back into his role as a possession receiver.  He's not a top fantasy football wide receiver and you have to be careful when playing him, but he could be a value play as well.  Donte Moncrief is a guy who will be intriguing to many (and for good reason), but I'd be hesitant to start him until we see the Colts get more intentional on getting him the football.  Last week could be the turning point, however, so keep an eye on him.

Tight End:

Dwayne Allen, 4th overall TE, $6,200 value

Coby Fleener, 18th overall TE, $5,100 value

Much like Ahmad Bradshaw, Dwayne Allen has been a touchdown machine this year and a guy who's value goes far beyond what fantasy football measures.  Allen is a good tight end play because he's a favorite red zone target of Andrew Luck and could get some looks there, and he's also a dangerous receiving threat elsewhere if Luck looks his way.  Fleener hasn't really done much all year long, and while he could always have a good game he's much too inconsistent for me to recommend starting him.


Adam Vinatieri, 5th overall K, $5,100

Adam Vinatieri has been among the best kickers in the NFL this year.  He's only the fifth best option in FanDuel's fantasy football this week, which is just a bit low I think.  He's a great kicker and a great play in fantasy - this week with perhaps a bit of a value play as well.


Colts Defense, 5th overall defense, $5,200 value

After giving up 51 points and 639 yards a week ago there will be many people scared away from the Colts' defense, but there won't be a repeat of last week's performance.  The Colts defense will revert to a closer picture of who they actually are, and even then fifth might be a bit high for them.  But the Giants are a team who do turn the ball over some and if the Colts can get pressure on Eli Manning they could be a good play.  There's risk involved, like we saw last week, but they're actually not as bad of an option as some might think after watching the performance a week ago.

Editor's Note: FanDuel is hosting a $500,000 one-week fantasy football league this weekend. It's $10 to join and first place wins $40,000. League starts Sunday 1 PM ET and ends on Monday night. Here's the link.