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Five Questions about Colts vs. Texans with Battle Red Blog

Stampede Blue talks with Battle Red Blog's Brett Kollmann about the Texans and the upcoming matchup against the Colts.

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With the Colts facing the Houston Texans this Thursday, Stampede Blue's Josh Wilson talked with Battle Red Blog's Brett Kollmann about the Texans and this Thursday's matchup.  The questions are in bold and then Brett's responses follow.

1.  So... J.J. Watt is pretty incredible.  Can you talk a bit about how the Texans use him and what to expect from him on Thursday night?

The Texans use Watt in whatever ways best allow him to put Andrew Luck in the grass. Expect him to introduce Jack Mewhort to the NFL early and often on the left side as well as getting reacquainted with Thornton and Cherlius on the right. The Cowboys did a pretty good job of dampening Watt's "usual" level of impact with constant double teams (not even Tyron Smith was safe when matched up one on one), so I suspect the Colts will try the same. It's not like anyone else along the defensive line poses a real threat anyway. We all miss Jadeveon Clowney very, VERY much.

2.  Since the Colts and the Texans are in the same division, I think many Colts fans are interested in the future prospects of the Texans.  Obviously, Bill O'Brien was a big hire this offseason - how has he done so far in your opinion and is the outlook promising in Houston with him as coach?

O'Brien's energy is infectious, and it seems as though he has this team playing really hard for him. Despite being a very smart guy and an offensive innovator, however, he has outsmarted himself a few times so far this season. In particular, one could argue that O'Brien blew the Cowboys game last week by deciding to throw the ball on 3rd and 2 in overtime despite Arian Foster's utter dominance on the ground all day long. The Texans coaching staff tried to get a little too cute rather than just doing what they do best, and it likely cost this team a win. From what we have seen from BOB and his ability to adjust, however, I believe he is a coach capable of learning from his mistakes. When faced with that situation again in the future, I expect Arian Foster to get that ball. 

3.  Is the offense as one dimensional as many think, with Arian Foster carrying the load?  He's had a great year, but is he all they have offensively?

Pretty much, yes. Andre Johnson is still Andre Johnson, and DeAndre Hopkins is a spectacular young receiver (seriously, he's amazing), but Ryan Fitzpatrick is so maddeningly inconsistent at quarterback that the Texans really have no choice but to ride Foster into the ground. To put things in perspective, when the Texans get a penalty on offense, they are only able to get a first down 12% of the time. TWELVE PERCENT. That says everything you need to know about Fitzpatrick's ability to pass the ball reliably on third and long. If this offense does not stay on schedule with the run game, it isn't going anywhere.

4.  Knowing what you do about the Texans, how would you expect the Colts to attack them on Thursday night?

The same thing they do every year, Pinky...throw it to T.Y. Hilton. No matter who is covering that little mother f****, he always seems to get free for some ridiculous and improbable 60+ yard touchdown. And of course once that touchdown happens the camera zooms in on Andrew Luck and his f***ing bushy-ass neck beard and OH MY GOD I HATE IT SO MUCH PLEASE KILL ME.

5.  How do you expect the Texans to attack the Colts on Thursday night?

Run the ball, run the ball, and then run it again. Arian Foster and Alfred Blue have to grind this one out and keep the ball from the Colts offense if they want to win this thing. As with all Texans games this season, the lower scoring this contest is the better.

Bonus: What's your prediction for the game?

Thursday Night Football has been a series of massacres so far this season, most of which favor the home team. I predict this game to be another one-sided slaughter for one team or the other...I'm just not sure which one yet. Either the Texans run the ball at will and unleash J.J. Watt on defense to the tune of a big prime time win, or they don't and Andrew Luck throws it all over the yard for an equally big prime time win. It's anyone's guess right now.

Thanks again to Brett Kollmann of Battle Red Blog for taking the time to answer these questions!

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