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Colts Open as Early Favorites over Patriots

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The Indianapolis Colts have opened as early 2.5 point favorites over the New England Patriots for this Sunday's matchup.

Al Bello

The Patriots might hold the AFC's number one seed and the NFL's second best record, but don't tell that to the oddsmakers: the Colts open as early 2.5 point favorites over the Patriots for this Sunday night's matchup in Indianapolis.

Certainly, the fact that this game is in Indianapolis and not in New England (where the Tom Brady led Patriots have won 42 consecutive regular season games against AFC opponents) plays in the Colts' favor, and in fact they've opened as early favorites.  This should be yet another reminder that the Colts certainly have a chance in this game - and it'll likely be a highscoring game.  The game features two of the three highest scoring offenses in the NFL and there doesn't appear to be anything to cause us to think this Sunday won't be a shootout between two of the game's best quarterbacks.

According to Pro Football Talk, the Colts are 13-10 (.565) in the Chuck Pagano and Andrew Luck era.  On the other hand, the Patriots are 32-23 (.582) as underdogs since 2001.  In other words - the Patriots' win percentage since 2001 as an underdog is better than the Colts' win percentage as a favorite since 2012, which is pretty amazing.

Ultimately, it shouldn't be too surprising that the Colts open up as slight favorites at home.  And every expectation is that this will be a close, high-scoring game.